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Van Helsing Film Analysis

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Task 3: Film Analysis Van Helsing Abraham Van Helsing is one of the characters in the Stokers novel Dracula. The significance is that Bram Stokers first name is a short version of Abraham. Van Helsing is more of a classic movie archetype. He wears a black cape, black coat and black hat. Also owns a duster, like one of those western dusters but its black. He in sense is an outsider. He's not a monster as Frankenstein. He is still viewed a something not normal, but something out of the ordinary. This movie falls into the genre of action/horror/fantasy. It contains various frightening images and sensuality which all have different meanings. Horror is an index of 'fright', which we are portrayed throughout the movie. The audience at first will not know of it being a horror movie, the incidents tend to build up and further on scary monsters are shown. The first fifteen minutes of Van Helsing are promising, a black and white prologue depicting mad scientist Frankenstein and his monstrous creation is a nice little homage to the universal pictures of past times. The opening scene is also iconic of Horror such as the old movie 'blood' which was made in 1974.This movie was a horror but with a complete different story. A Werewolf in 1930s London teams up with Dracula's son. ...read more.


Within this movie there is only hero Van Helsing. Most action movies have their own different heroes, which fight evil and have a woman beside them. It gives that extra advantage on the suicide, which makes the movie great. This itself is an index of most movies in this case Van Helsing and Ann Valerious share a special bond. The two characters are not typical leading men and lady, which again gives the movie a quite refreshing edge. The movement of Dr.Hydes eye shout is extremely precise at the beginning when he is hanging down from ceiling right onto Van Helsings face, which is a very nice shot. The intro shot of Count Dracula is when Dr.Frankenstein turns facing the window. First of all you have a (MD) mid shot from the side then it cuts and is edited to a (MS) of the front of count Dracula and lastly the camera moves up close giving a nice (CU) close up shot. All of these above are also technical codes. After Dr.Frankenstein tries to escape and the camera moves to an overhead point of view, which then gives us a nice view of Dr.Frankensteins laboratory. As the thunderstorm strikes we view 2 faces of Dracula one being not human. (CU) Just like the olden movies, the shadow is used when count Dracula kills Dr.Frankenstein. ...read more.


Preferred Reading of this text is Hugh Jackman playing a monster hunter who is sent to Transylvania to stop Count Dracula who is using Dr Frankenstein research and a werewolf for some evil purposes. He does this with the help of a local vampire hunter called Anna Valerious, which is played by Kate Beckinsale. Both shadow the Dracula who is searching for Frankenstein's monster. (Shuler Hensley). The monster seems to be very good with electricity and Dracula needs his help to give birth to a swarm of baby vampires. Negotiated Reading of this would be the scene with the coach chase. It was thrilling without being exhilarating, but kept the run going. So it's a shame some more badly plot gets thrown in, above all when it was relating the underwritten Velkan. That is the films major problem, overkill of characters, with little space given to any of them to develop. Oppositional Reading of this movie may be that some scenes are not appropriate with an audience of 12 years .It contains certain factors of very pivotal arguments, which youngsters of this age would not understand. Furthermore, these very vital points have been presented in this film to shine through when watching, but of a younger audience it would not be the movie that it is supposed to be. It is simply the question of making a movie that is understood and which people can compare to older Dracula movies. ...read more.

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