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Video Conferencing Report

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Video Conferencing Report References- Huddersfield New College is considering installing a video conferencing system in the ICT department. This will hopefully enable students to interact with organisations by looking at the use of ICT in the workplace and also holding discussions with local employers. My task is to produce a research report on video conferencing. My research will be aimed at the ICT Strategy group who makes decisions on ICT investment in the college. Procedures- I decided to do some research into video conferencing to find out about the pluses and minuses before I started to do my report. This would give me background knowledge and would aid me to produce a full report and decided if video conferencing really is a good idea for college. I started off by learning about the cost and equipment needed for video conferencing. This would help me see if it was going to be very expensive for the college and therefore not worthwhile or on the other hand if it would be very cost effective and be a good idea. I researched through a variety of sites about video conferencing to help me do this. I then moved on to finding about how hard it would be to set up and use, because if it would ...read more.


On more advanced models additional features are provided such as auto focus, security monitoring and control from remote locations to suit use as a web cam. During 2003 Fire wire based video cameras became more common. An example of this is the iSight camera, which has excellent picture quality, auto focus, auto exposure and a built in noise-suppressing microphone. Video Conferencing is easy to use once it has been set up and is running and the students have to do nothing once the conference is on they just have to talk and the other people in the conference will respond and the program that runs the conference needs no maintenance and runs in the background. Equipment Web Cam Headset or speakers Web cam software College Uses - Professional development of staff - dialogue between foreign language students - collaboration between teachers or students - sharing of educational resources - develop real time (immediate) communication skills - global 'show-and-tell' - mentoring of individual students - direct teacher interaction for isolated students - talking to international experts - sharing experiences with students from different cultures - enhancing travel buddy projects - discovering alternative views about the news - conducting interviews - learning about remote environments - enhancing distance learning Conclusion- From all my research into video conferencing there reasons that the college should have it installed and reasons why the college shouldn't have it. ...read more.


And finally the uses that the college would get out of video conferencing are a plus as well. The college would get the following good point out of setting up a system: 1. Professional development of staff 2. - Dialogue between foreign language students 3. - Collaboration between teachers or students 4. - Sharing of educational resources 5. - Develop real time (immediate) communication skills 6. - Global 'show-and-tell' 7. - Mentoring of individual students 8. - Direct teacher interaction for isolated students 9. - Talking to international experts 10. - Sharing experiences with students from different cultures 11. - Enhancing travel buddy projects 12. - Discovering alternative views about the news 13. - Conducting interviews 14. - Learning about remote environments 15. - Enhancing distance learning Recommendations- From all the research I have done and the report I have created I would recommend that new college do install a video conferencing system. It would benefit the students a lot and allow them to gain a more extensive knowledge of the technology available to them today and there knowledge of I.C.T. Things can be done to make the system more cost affective such as limiting the amount of equipment in each class room and it would enable the teachers to work more freely and easier. ...read more.

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