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Video game store company Website.

Extracts from this document...


GCSE ICT PROJECT Microsoft FrontPage Video game store company Website Part One - Identify Statement of the problem Mr Simpson is the owner of Vidgame, a video game shop company. It has five shops in Surrey but as the company is expanding rapidly it needs a way to advertise its products on a large scale. It has also set up a reward card membership program and wants to publicise it. The business also needs an alternative way to sell its games and accessories and means of contacting the company. Mr Simpson is the user of this project as he will make use of the advertise and sell his products. Consideration of Alternative solutions One solution could be to produce a booklet on a word processor or desktop publishing program. The booklet could then be posted to the neighbourhoods near the game shops and would provide all the information needed. This could be a way to advertise its products, the reward card and there could be a mail order form, which is an alternative way of selling its products. But sending a booklet to every home in the area would be very expensive, it would use up a lot of paper and postage would be very costly. The cost of producing the booklets would be incurred each time the information needs updating. Another solution could be to advertise the information in the local newspaper. The information would reach almost everybody in the area. This however would not be very suitable as quite a lot of information needs to be advertised and even a large amount of space in a newspaper would not be enough. This needs to be done on a regular basis, which could prove very costly in the long term. The final option is to use a website. This would be very help as it is the most cost effective method of displaying a large amount of information. ...read more.


An example of this is a web page with the review of a game. The company do not need to spend money on any additional output devices such as printers. Backup / Security Strategy The website must be backed up onto CD-RW whenever changes are made and once a week. A CD-RW is needed, as a floppy disk does not have enough storage space. This will insure that if for example, the hard disk is damaged, the data is still safe. One copy should be kept near the computer so that it can be used straight away if something happens to the actual file. The other copy should be kept far away in case a natural disaster or intentional damage happens. Once the website is the password protecting the website from being edited should not be written down, the manger should remember it. The password should be changed regularly in case someone who is restricted finds out what it is. A virus checker is needed so that viruses will not harm the file. Part Three - Design Initial Designs The plan for this system is for it to act like a standard Internet website, there must be links from each page to the main sections. The visitors will be the customers who are used to browsing the Internet. If the layout is like that of a typical website the visitors will be familiar to the layout of the website. The website should be user friendly so that the visitors can navigate through the website with ease. There should also be consistency; the web pages must all have the same theme and colour scheme. The pages in the website should look attractive and interesting. The three most important factors in accomplishing this are font styles, the colour scheme and the design of the pages. Below are some fonts that might be used A. Welcome to Vidgame.com B. ...read more.


website address to the manufacturers website * The ability for visitors to buy products online Visitors can by products online through a variety of ways * The ability for visitors to contact the company The customers can also contact the company in many ways - e-mail, phone number and form * The location and maps of the stores There is a map and description of the stores * Information on and a way to join the reward card program On the right hand side of every page is the reward card information and link to become a member User Feedback on solution I have received a letter, which is on the next page with the users comments and suggestions. Further suggestions for improvements The users' suggestions of improvement have given me ideas of how to enhance the website. The second suggestion can be easily achieved, instead of using FrontPage's thumbnail producer I can insert a screenshot and make it smaller and hyperlink to a page with the full-sized image, on that page I can have a 'back' button. The same thing can be done with the video clips. FrontPage, however cannot achieve the second suggestion, protection software or a different website creator might be able to do this. 12/2/03 Dear Mr Simpson, We are generally very pleased with the Microsoft FrontPage video games website that you have designed for my company. It is a great way to advertise and directly sell our products. Nevertheless, there are some improvements that could be done to it: 1. There is no password protection for the actual file of the website 2. When a full sized image is opened up from a thumbnail, there is no hyperlink to return to the previous page, this applies to when the hyperlink to a video clip is clicked on as well Apart from these small inconveniences, the website has been very useful to the advertising of the company, thank you very much for creating this website for us. Yours Sincerely H.J.Simpson ...read more.

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