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Walking Contradiction.

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Walking Contradiction Now I know how parents may feel when their teenage kids are playing there depressing and gothic music at full blast at the middle of the night. It's clear that most people's opinions are that the lyrics featured in these gothic or metal bands are usually to do with some sort of bad language, death and violence. A feature most predominantly in many of Marilyn Manson's songs. A quote reveals how people judge him for every circumstance "when a dude's getting bullied and shoots up the school and they blame it on Marilyn, and the heroin" This reveals people's attitude towards this individual. In any case people have their preferences and mine include Beegees. ...read more.


Any ways don't get me wrong not every artist is like that... There are a handful of bands, which don't need negative aspects to sell their music. One band in particular is Kool and the gang, now if I may claim to liking the classic band does that necessarily mean that I must write off every modern day music as some of you people do. All of you people seem to be determined to write off any artists that bear the name Eminem or Marilyn Manson, or any artists that swear or have some sort of opinion not matching yours. The truth about the matter is that you use these individuals as scapegoats, so that you have something to blame when your child has done something wrong or you have something to blame for the way your child behaves. ...read more.


I personally have gotten into Metallica recently, just like how a vampire needs his blood, I admittedly need to listen to the enlightening and somewhat depressing lyrics, as well as the bone crunching and indoctrinating guitar riffs daily. Without these I am happy to say that I would be a lifeless, dull and uncaring individual (One which requires someone to master him as a puppet). But with all this said hate and love have been with us from the beginning of time, and they will continue to be with us until the end. I only ask that people take in the fact that drugs and violence have always been in lyrics and will forever remain so, the key thing is to learn to deal with it! ...read more.

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