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We have chosen to investigate the genre of Soap opera, this is a 30 minute serial (ongoing) programme which, in today's society, is increasing popular with television viewers

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Introduction For our current piece of coursework, we have chosen to investigate the genre of Soap opera, this is a 30 minute serial (ongoing) programme which, in today's society, is increasing popular with television viewers. I think this is because as a programme they offer complete escapism, even if it is for just 30 minutes, and allow people to identify or enjoy with any characters or storylines that are occurring. There are many other genres of television, these includes things such as drama, comedy, sitcom, news or information programmes, music television and even children's' television. Soap operas first started in the 1950's in America. But the first British soap opera was aired in 1959, it was called 'The Archers', and was a much listened to radio soap. Shortly after this, in 1960, the very first television Soap opera, 'Coronation Street' was aired, both became immensely popular and soon became common place in every household. Over the years, Soap opera has evolved dramatically. The public fascination with fictitious characters and made up storylines has only increased, and the television companies are only to happy to continue making them. ...read more.


Just as importantly, there are a number of stereotypical locations in a soap opera, these include a local pub, local shop, and usually a local doctor, these again are stereotypical, as they appear in almost every soap opera, and are usually involved in similar storylines in each one. For example we are using a stereotypical storyline for a doctors surgery in our soap, as we are having one of our characters being told that they are pregnant. Although this is a fairly stereotypical storyline for this location, we also challenging stereotypes, as the character that is pregnant is only 15 years old. This is stereotypical, as pregnancy is usually associated with older women is soaps. The audience of a soap opera is ultimately the most important thing of all, if no one watches the soap, then there is no reason to produce it. In order to cater for audiences, scriptwriters and producers must work continually hard to please. The modern viewer is no longer happy to settle for normal mundane storylines, and should a writer fail to recognise this, then their soap will loose appeal its audience (whoever they may be) ...read more.


The ideology of a soap opera is the message that it conveys through its characters, storylines and even locations. For example, the ideology of a villain being caught is that it is wrong or bad to commit crimes or do whatever this villain has done. The ideology we have used in say our teen pregnancy storyline, is that there is no good that can come out of affairs and secrets. However, soaps have come under scrutiny in the past for using the wrong ideology or conveying the wrong message to impressionable young viewers. For example, if a villain is not punished, and gets away with his crimes, then it could be seen as saying that is all right to do bad or even illegal things and you will not get punished. Even the name of a soap can promote certain ideas or messages. For example we have chosen the name 'Stuntley' the ideology of this could be that it is a fairly blunt word, therefore the characters or storylines might reflect this. In conclusion, there are many different things that affect the making and ideas of a soap opera, the main thing however is to make it interesting so that your target audience will be compelled to watch it, as without the audience, there is no soap. ...read more.

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