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Website Analysis

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Abdullah Javad 11w It Coursework Website Analysis > I have to design this website because all the other surgeries have done that so you can book your appointments online and it's sufficient, easy to use and its cheap then you don't have to telephone or anything like that. Also most of the people like to use internet more and like to book appointment from there, it will be better for the surgery and the customers also mainly its beneficial for the surgery although also people can find out more about the surgery from the website and the surgery costs and all that so more people will like to come and see because the website will attract them to the surgery. ...read more.


> I will use the hyperlinks on the homepage on the right side also they will be on the same side of the page always so you can get access to it easily also because it looks more efficient. > I am planning to use toured images in my website of at least two different animals. Though I might probably use the images from the Rachel's disk because they wouldn't be distort and it will be easier so you don't have to look for images from the Internet although it will also take less time. ...read more.


I must remember to include text hyperlinks and picture hyperlinks as well and I must test that they all work. The surgery name, address and phone number go on the home page with the surgery opening times. I must put two animal pictures on this page. Rachel says I can choose from the ones she gave me. The Treatment Costs page must have a list of treatments and costs and four pictures. Rachel wants pictures of a cow, a horse, dog and a cat. The Dog Training Courses page will have a picture of a dog and information about the courses. The Animal of the Month page must have information about cats and a picture of a cat. ...read more.

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