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What are the conventions in films that help to signify

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Film audiences already have an idea of conventions in films that help to signify the genre of the film but we are only aware of straight genres. We are often less aware about sub genres and a hybrid genre. The fact that the audience already has an idea of the films generic conventions helps the audience with their expectations in a film, for instance, you wouldn't expect to see horror conventions in a romantic comedy. The fact that the audience already has a rough idea of what is expected in the film through generic conventions which makes the film more pleasurable for the audience to view as their expectations of the film will be met. The fact that the audience has an idea of generic conventions helps the improvement on the financial success of the film as it meets more of the audience's expectations. This essay will look at both the genre and narrative in the film "Final Destination" directed by James Wong in the year 2000. The film "Final Destination" as a straight genre film and its genre is horror. The audience is aware of this film being a horror film by the generic conventions used in the opening sequence which I will be looking at. ...read more.


The sequence I have chosen for this essay does use generic conventions in a clear way as from the opening credits we are aware that it's a horror genre and as we progress into the actual movie the audience are given little hints to enhance on the superstition of something going wrong as we are given lines from characters such as "You have your whole life ahead of you" or a baby crying on the plan which suggests bad luck. As the audience is unconsciously aware of Tzvetan Toderov's narrative model but are familiar with it's use in film, they can begin to predict the outcome of the film and once that outcome is complete the audience feels satisfied as it has reached their expectations of the film. The audience's appreciation of the film increases the films profits and this can be achieved by meeting the audience's expectations of the genre by the use of similar conventions to other films of the same genre. Some horror films such as "The Shining" and "Dead End" have similar conventions to "Final destination" as they both start with the credits showing that the film is of the horror genre but beginning the very first scene as a normal everyday thing. ...read more.


A final convention that this film and many other films of the same genre have followed is leaving the story on a cliff hanger - 'unfinished.' This leaves the audience asking questions as to what is going to happen now? Another film that follows that convention is "Dead End" as at the end of the film we wonder what happens to the main character. The fact that we are left on a cliff hanger opens the way for a sequels to continue the story. This will maximise the producer's potential and further the profits from the films. After looking at this sequence I have become aware of the narrative and genre elements that help signify the film to the audience and it's effects on the films financial investment if the expectations of the generic conventions are met. The sequence I have looked at offers predictable narrative conventions that signify the genre and the narrative theory. I am aware that this film has met the audience's expectations and made a financial investment as the producers of this film have created a sequel to carry on the 'unfinished story' 1,288 words Film Studies macro essay 25th November 2007 Chels Ronayne ...read more.

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