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What does the bubblediagram show?

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What does the bubble diagram show? During today's lesson I designed a bubble diagram that showed a variety of ICT products that are used in the home. The bubble diagram had the ICT products that the average family would most probably have in their home. I presented the diagram clearly, listing the name of the place in the house and the ICT in that specific room. The diagram shows that all rooms have ICT in them, in some way. For example, every room has lighting. Below I will explain what technology is in each room. The Lounge * Digital TV: digital TV can be used to search for local, international, and sporting news: as well as weather reports. ...read more.


This is * Video recorder (VCR). Video recorders are useful in everyday life because you cannot only play videos, but you can also record off of the television. This enables people who work or have a busy schedule to see the programmes they like watching. A video recorder displays the time and date. The video recorder can be set to a certain date, time and channel and will automatically record at the time set. * DVD player: A DVD player cannot tape onto DVD, however it can play DVD's back to you. Unlike video, DVD also comes with special features, including subtitles, commentaries and digitally enhanced sound. ...read more.


A laptop often works in the same way as a computer; however it is more practical as you can carry it round with you. Unlike a personal computer, which is not as light and accessible. * Peripherals: Peripherals include technology such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, and web cams. These accessories are only needed depending on the user requirements. A printer would only be needed if a document, spreadsheet etc. needed to be printed immediately. A scanner would be needed if the person's occupation involved using photographs and pictures. This would also be relevant to having a digital camera. A web cam is like a video camera. It allows a picture to be shown to the other user on the Internet. ...read more.

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