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What I think makes a Horror Movie

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HW 4-10-2000 What I think makes a Horror Movie Horror films are a big part of the movie industry, they always have been. Back in the early movie making days, you had the Count Dracula's and the Frankenstein's, and now you have the Scream's and I Know What You Did Last Summer's. Horror films are popular amongst people, and in this essay, I am going to explain what I think makes them a horror film! Every Horror film is meant to scare you, that is the aim of the director - but they need to think of the best ways to scare the viewer through different techniques. Music is a key ingredient to start off with because it sets the mood of the scene. ...read more.


There must be a big build up to a key scene, which teases the viewer and keeps them in waiting and holds their interests. This devise always works with me, it also makes the surprise at the end more exciting after the big build up. Camera angles are vital to making a horror movie good. It can tell us a lot about the scene providing what angle it is. If the director wants us to know that there is an axe-wildering maniac on the roof, he will use a long shot to show the entire body and who it is and what weapon he has. ...read more.


To conclude with, the background is perhaps one of the biggest parts of making a horror movie, you can't have Count Dracula chasing his victim through Tesco's, he would do it in his own castle is Pennsylvania! So, horror films are a big part of the movie industry and a huge success due to the reasons I have just explained - these are typical aspects of what a horror film needs - unique directors may put in some of their own ingredients to spice up the film! Although in the film itself you may not notice tese devises in use, they are still certainly having an effect on you! ...read more.

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