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What is popular music

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What is popular music In my opinion I don't believe that there is just one definition for popular music in today's world. This is because everyone prefers all different music that is popular for them. Different bands are popular in their different genres. Whether it's pop, rock, R&B, metal or classical, they all are popular within their different scenes. Of course there is a popular type of music over others which are often labelled as mainstream. It is very commercial, iconic, Marjory image based depending on genre, very catchy and often easy to listen to for most people. Popular music started to erupt onto the scene in the early 1950's with the birth of Elvis Presley's rock and roll, with the start of live bands and instruments. ...read more.


The band that started the scene was the sex pistols and they started a huge scene for the 70's in the UK. Popular music showed that not only is it influenced by its self but showed that it had the power to influence the listeners and even the general public which was shown by the Mods and Rockers and The Beatles played a huge part in this. It also can have its negatives effects on people though, when the Beatles said that they were bigger than Jesus. It caused a huge reaction to the general public and resulted in thousands of people burning Beatles merchandise. The introduction of bands like The Who caused huge riots between the Mods and Rockers. ...read more.


In the 80's the introduction of the New Romantics took off with artists such as Boy George and Duran Duran who introduced the whole feminine look for young men in the UK. The Spice Girls were the first massive Girl Band to hit the scene in the mid 90's that influenced most pop groups of today. They were a huge success with their catchy tunes and dominated the UK charts. They were also a huge marketing campaign with a massive range of Spice Girls Merchandise. This showed that they were more about money then the music by selling themselves as a product. As shown over the years music is starting to become less about the talent and has started to be more about the image with the huge rise of Hip hop and the gangsta look. ...read more.

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