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What makes a good interface?

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What makes a good interface? A computer interface is the way a computer allows the user to interact with the system, say to control where to type letters or enabling a user to 'surf' the internet with minimum effort. A clear understanding of what the user requires of the computer is the key to a good interface. This will enable the user to do exactly what they want in the minimum time, hence the term cost-effective interface. This is a very important phrase in business ICT, which is very dependant on cost effective solutions when it comes to ICT systems. For example, Dabs.com is a very highly respected internet company that sells products for computers. There website user interface is key to high numbers of sales. ...read more.


Use industry-specific or technical terms only if they are clearly understood by the user. * Your application adjusts appropriately when the user changes the display resolution as well as for multiple-monitor configurations. So although we have established why a good interface is important, what does a good interface actually entail? Interfaces must help the user to understand what is actually happening on the page, when dealing with the internet, and a poorly designed interface will cause mistakes to be made. This could be a serious problem with say, internet banking. If Natwest Bank had created a system that required the user to input personal details but didn't give any instructions then the chances are that they are going to make mistakes which could be a potential security risk. ...read more.


Anyone will tell you that mistakes are easily made. A good, reliable web interface should enable you to change anything that you have done, such as a checkout that you can go back in if you realize you have made a mistake. Another design feature that should be incorporated into an interface is a help function that aids user recognition and recovery from errors. This means no technical jargon and no error code problems, just simple instructions about how to fix the problem. Last but no means least the interface should be attractive to look at, every visual element that appears on the screen potentially competes for the user's attention. It is important to provide an environment that is pleasant to work in and contributes to the user's understanding of the information presented. If all these items are contemplated during the design phase then your final product should be a well constructed user interface. ...read more.

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