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What meanings are conveyed to the audience through the visual signs used in your programs? "Byker Grove" and "Shoebox Zoo".

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Children's Television Drama Q1 What meanings are conveyed to the audience through the visual signs used in your programs? The programs I am analysing are "Byker Grove" and "Shoebox Zoo". They are both aimed at younger children, this is there targeted audicence this is evident in Byker Grove's opening sequence, as it has many vibrant colours such as yellow and red which connates the light heartedness and the innocence of the show, it is also very fast paced and energetic. However in the opening sequence of Shoebox Zoo it is different, the colours that are used are mainly dark reds connating the danger and the more seriousness of the drama. The sequence also implies that they are on some kind of quest. There is also a white light glow around one of the characters, which usually connotes that they are good and of some importance. The camera work that is used in the opening sequence of Shoebox Zoo has many slow motions and is shot mid shot, this connates the emotion of the characters the soft focus also amplifies this fact of emotion. ...read more.


backwards and forwards to each characters in a fast moving, fast paced way, and this shows the panic of the two very well. On Shoebox Zoo there is a scene where they are camping in a tent at night, the lighting is very dark and there is wind and rain outside connatating the disturbing atmosphere of the scene. Shoebox Zoo unlike Byker Grove uses a lot of animation, both for its characters and its intro. The animated characters add a kind of mystical, dreamlike side to the story, as the characters are very magical and unreal and fit this certain genre very well.It is also very sterotypical of a child with the dreamlike attributes of a child having these animated charecters is very beneficial to the story. And containing these characters is a very good way of enhancing the excitement of the journey which they are on. Q2 What important representations are there in your texts? Give reasons for your answers In Shoe Box Zoo one of the main characters is Professor Toledo. He is the evil villain within the story and is represented as a dark and dangerous shape shifter.The sterotype of an evil villain in a childrens drama is a old usually wearing black and often strange in appearance man. ...read more.


If we take a look at what he wears its clear that he is represented as an individual in contrast to his peers and deffiantly a leader with the other charecters being the follwers of him.He wears a smart Tee shirt under a Blazer and casual trousers. In comparison to the other teenagers in the show who wear baggy jeans and Tee Shirts. The conations of his Blazer are that he is quite business like and more mature than the rest of the teenagers. His body language can be overwhelming, one instance of this is when there are two adult youth club workers ideologically of higher importance than him are sat down and he stands up and seems to overshadow them, and comes across as a figure of authority. The way Bradley speaks and his certain tone of voice suggest it is possible that he is a homosexual, which later comes apparent in the episode. The way the camera pans to Bradley and the frequency implies that he is of greater importance than the other characters. When watching Byker Grove it is obvious that he is one of the main characters in this series and he is represented to that of a father figure, if the teenagers have problems they consult Bradley. ...read more.

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