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What techniques have the advertisers used to promote

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What techniques have the advertisers used to promote Birds Eye Potato Waffles? Within this assignment I will analyse the different techniques, which Birds Eye have used to promote their product, Potato Waffles. In order to do this I will explore the techniques, which the advertisers have used in order to achieve this. It is important to place this discussion into context. The organisation, which will be examined, is Birds Eye. Birds Eye are a famous frozen-food manufacturer, they have been established for over eighty years and their best selling products are; Fish Fingers, Oven Chips, Burgers and Potato Waffles. However Potato Waffles were not selling to their full potential. Due to this, the product had to be re-promoted and so Birds Eye brought in a team of advertisers in order to make Potato Waffles more saleable. The advertisement campaign, which was launched in 2003 in order to re-promote Potato Waffles, had two key aims. These aims were to encourage those who had not tried Potato Waffles before, so they could go out and buy them. ...read more.


I will now compare the similarities of the Daily Star and the advertisement. The masthead is similar because they both have the same typography, white, bold, san serif text on a red background, but the type is larger on the Birds Eye magazine advertisement. The headlines are similar, because they both have large text but the image on the advertisement is landscape, which takes up to 1/3 of the page. There is a white plate with a Potato Waffle in the central focus with chicken carefully stacked on top, decorated with herbs and spices with a finishing touch of a slice of lime. This has been laid out to make it look like naveile cuisine as this expensive style if cookery is designed to look like a work of art and is pleasing to look at, therefore will attract people to the product and be encouraged to buy the product. The headline from the Daily Star 'for fox sake' is similar as again it uses large, bold, san serif text, with an outstanding background colour. ...read more.


The effects and results of this are that the aims set out in the campaign to begin with were easily realised. The languages style in coping of the tabloid newspaper has both helped to reinforce the recognisable effects of the newspaper layout and engaged the reader in an eye-catching, witty and memorable advertisement. As a result Birds Eye as a company, observed a rise in sales of Potato Waffles as well as a subsequent rise in profits. Overall in my discussion I aimed to look at what techniques the advertisers used to promote Birds Eye Potato Waffles. Potato Waffles, as we know were not selling as well, however this campaign has been so effective, that the product has now become saleable again, and a major increase on profits. The reasons for this are illustrated in the layout, language and design of the tabloid newspaper. The language that was used in the advertisement was also copied from the newspaper, which provoked these results positively. It can also be said that both the layout and language have contributed to the advertisement having a particular effect on the consumer audience. In conclusion it is the attractive newspaper design and comic attitude, which has achieved the positive effects that this campaign set out to do. ...read more.

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