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"What would you say are the main features of action adventure films?"

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"What would you say are the main features of action adventure films?" The two films I have decided to write about when answering the above question are Gladiator (starring Russell Crowe) and Star Wars (starring Ewan Mcgregor). Gladiator is set way back in 180 AD, and uses actual people and events throughout the story. The successful roman general Maximus (Russell Crowe) is out leading the Roman army to a victory in Germany and his only wish now is to return home to his family, upon victory the emperor of Rome, Marcus Arilius is lying upon his death bed and wishes for Maximus to become emperor himself. At first he refuses but then accepts the task with gratitude, Marcus Arilius picked the new emperor over his own son, and when Comidus finds out, he sets out to kill Maximus for stealing what he thought would be his crown. ...read more.


As both fighters step out into the colloseum great cheers go up from the crowd who have come to see the emperor of rome fight the great "Spaniard". As the fight starts it is clear to see that Maximus is struggling after a stab wound to his side. The camera pans around the two fighters and there is no music, the tension is building. The fight begins and the first clangs of the swords bring the first close shots of the fighters faces, Commodus with a smile on his and Maximus with a look of revenge. The camera pans out and we got a shot off the two fighters in battle, really going for each other now, the camera comes down every now and again to show the pain on maximus face. Both fighters lose their swords and the tension starts, the camera is in close for the final part of the fight, both fighters ...read more.


They begin dualling, it is not what either want to do but know it must be done. Music, fast paced and racy is playin throughout, many camera shots,mainly form up close are used and the fight travels through many corridors and hallways, and they end up fighting right out on the lava. This is where the camera pulls out and we see a final part, as the music continues to play, obi wan Kenobi has the upper hand And fights Anakin to the floor, he kicks away the lightsaber and leaves him for death, as the lava covers Anakin, the music is very dramatic, adding to the suspense and tension. Overall I feel that many different aspects make up a great action adventure film,these include camera angles, positioning and music, these three things have to be completely balanced in order to maintain the thrill and suspense needed in a high octane action film. ...read more.

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