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Where does the Simpsons inspiration come from and how does its humour operate with particular reference to the Springfield film festival episode.

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Where does the Simpsons inspiration come from and how does its humour operate with particular reference to the Springfield film festival episode The Simpsons is an original, satirical American sitcom cartoon, which is shown all over the world and appeals to a wide range of audiences with its unique, yet basic form of humour. It stereotypes and satirises the typical American lower middle class family. With its simple plots, exaggerated situations, unrealistic scenarios, lurid colours, humour, animation and familiar pattern, it is a typical cartoon but with an original twist. This makes it like no other cartoon made before, the twist is the level of humour used in the Simpsons, and this type of humour is called satire. There are many other types of humour involved in the Simpsons, but satire plays a large role in it The Simpsons appeals to children and a large adult audience, it includes a lot of references and satirises the society we live in which only adults may realise and find funny. The way that it different from normal cartoons is that they are usually written for low intelligence levels, and normally animated for a child audience with cartoons such as Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse. They have simple jokes or they are just visually funny which will just stimulate children while sitting in front of the television. ...read more.


Another media source that probably influenced The Simpsons was the Cosby Show. Which was an American sitcom of another family, but they were a "perfect family" with no problems, had plenty of money, jobs or children, which gives us the impression of a perfect family, the only difference being it was a black family. At the time this was quite revolutionary as America was then saying that Black people could be perfect to. The Simpsons contrasts this a lot because they are far from the perfect family and move away from the tradition of a perfect American family and put the idea into a cartoon. They also have many problems with money, their home and their children. This also makes us realise that just because we have problems doesn't mean we aren't normal. We can easily compare Roseanne to the Simpsons which is a sitcom about a dysfunctional middle class American family, so it is quite easy to come to the conclusion that the Simpsons has drawn some of its inspiration from it. Like the Simpsons, it is more real life, it includes problems that occur everyday, and they all poke fun at each other. It is the typical Middle class American family, just not the ideal family. ...read more.


As Disney has taken over this world, Itchy and Scratchy have taken over the Simpsons. As the Simpsons are revolutionary in itself, other media sources have taken inspiration from the Simpsons, for example, South Park. The animation is very basic, it is another sitcom and like the Simpsons, it stars special guests, and is also highly marketed. People wonder whether the Simpsons is acceptable for children anyway, but south Park takes this one step further, using crude swear words with inappropriate and violent behaviour, which makes it definitely unacceptable for children. Like The Flintstones, doing a spin off series, being the Jetsons. The Simpsons has also done a spin off series being Futurama, It has the same producer, Matt Groning and the same animation, but it is set in out of space in the future. It is similar to the Simpsons in following its genre as it also has a satirical edge but just not as strong. This is quite hypocritical of the Simpsons because in the Simpsons film festival episode Bart shouts out "oh no, not another Flintstones vs. the Jetsons cartoon spin off series!" this is quite ironic as they have made their own spin off series! The Simpsons have a lot of references to authors like Eudora Welty, novels like Lord of the Flies (in one particular episode) and films (Silence of the Lambs, in Mr burns auditions for an actor) and actors like (Harvey Fierstein). ...read more.

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