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"Where is the love?"- Black Eyed Peas

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"Where is the love?"- Black Eyed Peas * What is the social & historical background to the song? - What? It is about how war and terrorism are affecting out world and it focuses on the bad decisions and poor role models in society. It talks of bombing, terrorism, discriminations of all kinds, and the type of values that we as a nation are not showing the youth of today. (1) - When? This song was written around the time of the attacks on the World Trade Center in NYC. (1) - Where? America (1) - Who? Black Eyed Peas and Justin Timberlake sang the song. (1) - Why? It is to raise the awareness of how much others are suffering in the world and for people around the world to reflect about the events that show the ugly and dirty side of the world. It encourages us to spread some love and not to discriminate. Thus, it is also written to free people from discrimination. (3) - How? One can be easily captivated by this song, not because he/she is an avid fan, or lover of this particular musical genre, but because the lyrics when listened carefully express the often all-to-well-hidden feelings of a generation, and of society in general.


Allegations (An assertion made by a party that must be proved or supported with evidence.) o War and terrorism are affecting our world. o Types of values that we as nation are not showing the youth of today. o The world is getting complicated and crazy. o People are telling lies, to betray and survive. o There is a lack of respect between groups of people. I find this song very inspiring. Just through the raps and images of the MTV, it expresses very clearly to me the above allegations and concerns. It has also raised my awareness of terrorism due to discriminations. It also succeeded in the fact that it managed to make me believe that world peace should be restored as it gives me a clear picture to the suffering of people affected by terrorism. It makes me think about love, that we should focus upon love, and forget to hate, we all have so much love to give, and it's just a matter of time. Love doesn't seem to exist in this world full of people trying to gain as much as they can, not caring about others, and more willing to hurt others than to ease their pain.


They are of different races and religions from the colour of their skin and all of them seem to have a twitch on the tip of their mouth. It gives me a feeling that they had achieved what they want and they are looking into the sky to thank god for his help. * Describe the tone of the song and how it affects mood of the song. (4) o The tone of the song is serious and sincere as it is sung from the bottom of their heart. It affected the mood of the song and set us thinking, making us to take to it seriously. o The song is fast at the raps and slower at the chorus. Faster at the raps as to bring out the haste in the first stanza of the lyrics, the inability to comprehend a baffling mystery of the third stanza and the disagreement to the governing ways in the last. The speed confuses us, shooting us all the information and questions they want to find out, making us think deeply. The chorus is slower as it illustrates the sad consequences of the discrimination and people praying to god for help. The slow speed is to emphasize on the graveness of the situation of discrimination. All these are to be taken seriously.

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