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Which source of knowledge - books, websites, the media,personal experience, authorities, or some other do you believe are mostreliable and why?

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John 2/09/03 Which source of knowledge - books, websites, the media, personal experience, authorities, or some other do you believe are most reliable and why? Knowers are presented many different sources when trying to obtain knowledge. Websites, books, authorities, personal point of views, and the media all provide reliable information, though some more reliable than others. In my view, personal experience is the most reliable source of obtaining knowledge. Of all knowledge sources, non-fiction books would have to be the second most reliable, just behind books. Before knowledge is written in a book, it has been most likely been verified many times. In the case that there is false information in a book, many readers will call the company and make them aware of the mistake so it can be changed in the next edition or printing. ...read more.


These good deeds of responsible journalists do not black out the inferior work of poor journalists. However, the poor journalism should not damage the work of a profession. Thus, journalistic reliability is localized to specific journalists, and it must be society's role to weed these reporters out and separate their poor doings from the rest. The media has showed themselves, purposely or otherwise, to have inaccuracies in their reporting. It can be agreed upon, in retrospect, that the media's reputation has been damaged in not presenting all the information, and it will take time and a different news environment to regain that respect. The reliability of information presented on websites must be examined under intense scrutiny, debated and finally reviewed, before one can ultimately assert whether the reliability or veracity of the material presented is of competent quality. ...read more.


Though in many cases the authorities are correct, there are also many in which the authorities are incorrect. The authority may have a biased point of view or not have sufficient evidence to make a conclusion. For example, if the authority states to a child that God does not exist and the natural process of evolution took place instead, his view is extremely biased and there isn't enough information for him (or anyone else) to make a definite conclusion, but the child may still believe him. Authority's reliability of knowledge is somewhat smaller than the book's reliability. Though the media, websites, books, authorities, and personal point of views all have the potential to be reliable in the pursuit of knowledge, none really are totally reliable. Personal experience is the most reliable way of obtaining knowledge because the only true way you can learn knowledge is by experiencing it. ...read more.

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