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Who was the character Magus Fairway?

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Who was Magnus Fairway? Magnus is the central character he lives in a luxurious mansion in the Italian Alpine foothills; wealthy enough to indulge every whim he has the perfect life, beautiful wife and three children. One day he goes fishing with his children on a placid lake he returns home to contemplate the completeness of his existence sitting on his balcony sipping whiskey and gazing out master of all he surveys. Hours pass in a half dream. The gong for dinner sounds and he enters his perfect home, he passes through palatial rooms to the kitchen. Horrified he finds his wife crucified and his children hacked to pieces. Backing away from the dripping bodies a noise sounds behind him a high kneeing laugh and bang, a shadowy form strikes him unconscious. He awakes in a darkened alley covered in blood.. Suddenly the man who had everything is alone, penniless, hunted entirely without control. He must find out what happened, he must find his families killers. Magnus is thrust into the netherworld beneath the veneer of civilised society and most bewilderingly of all he is in foreign country. ...read more.


He must go to Prague. He stows away on a train. In Prague he has recollections which lead him to a dilapidated brothel. He enters the brothel covertly and happens across a woman who seeing him immediately screams he struggles to silence her and a pimp come and beats him up. Blackness engulfs him he wakes up on a beach, as he awakes got money, cash enough to buy decent clothes and make himself respectable. He gets a hotel he flashbacks to the screaming woman only she's covered in blood pleading in a strange language, he sees he attacker dragging his broken body away. He's confused but he's seeing horrors, the woman dead, the man with his eyes put out. He flees the city on a tour bus using the dead mans identity, he befriends a young family. One night after staying with them for some days he hears the kneeing noise he makes to help. He finds the woman and her children dead and a man standing in the shadows he fights the man and is struck semi conscious again. ...read more.


I would like the film to have a sense of decline. I would want the film to show the abatement of the main character (Magnus fairway) to be evident. To do this. The beginning of the film to be contrastingly light and airy with wide camera shots to show that the magnus's world has no boundarys. A tranquil feel would lead the audience into a false sense of security. There then should be a steady decrease of the light and the wide camera angles as magnus's world steadily closes in on him until th film gives a dark claustrophobic appeal as his world and mind collapse. There should be physical hints to the outcome such as overbearing presence of machetes and axes in magnus's magnificent home. There should be menacing picture on the walls, and a hint of red with anything to do with magnus for example a chair magnus shits on could be red whilst all the other chair are white. when magnus first discover his family mutilated there could be the faintest suggestion that magnus if smiling at the sight in a reflection. In the scene i have chosen magnus will wield a lamp incase of attack. The lamp will look very much like a machete. ...read more.

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