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Why did groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have such a great impact during the 1960's?

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Why did groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have such a great impact during the 1960's? The 1960's were a period of great change. Previous ideas were no longer 'hip' or 'happening'. For many people the 'swinging sixties' began in 1963 with the release of the Beatles first single and No. 1 hit. The Beatles had an amazing impact on the sixties and on the future decades. It can be argued that they are greater than any other pop group including The Rolling Stones. There were a number of reasons why both of these groups had such an impact. The Beatles were the first real group to start changing popular culture. Never before had one single 'pop group' become so popular. In fact before the Beatles there were very few pop groups. A new cult was created by The Beatles; people in the individual groups became icons for millions of people. Although the Beatles started harmlessly with songs like 'Let Me Hold Your Hand' but by the end of the sixties were writing songs such as 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds' which openly suggested use of LSD. The Rolling Stones added to a feeling of rebellion with songs that were about sex and drugs. ...read more.


The Beatles first appeared in 1962/63. They wore strange jackets and sported odd hairstyles. The major thing was that they had come from working class backgrounds. They were ordinary people who had a regional accent. Many young people had wanted people on television and in music to represent them, not their parents. The Beatles wrote and performed their own music and had a completely unique style. The Beatles were different to anything that had come before. Their music had real and relevant lyrics that caught teenagers imaginations. They made having an accent acceptable, and became to seem to many people 'just like the chap next door'. Teenagers wanted something different and The Beatles were the first group to give it to them. They became heroes; millions of girls had pictures of them on their walls. The Beatles represented the victory of youth over old age, of new against old. They started the trend for the rest of the sixties. The Stones began as a smart looking band performing old favourites like Chuck Berry's 'Come On.' This soon changed and their reputation as dirty and naughty boys grew. They grew popular with many people because of their rebellious nature. The older generation could not understand or bear the Rolling Stones. ...read more.


American musicians were as influential as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Unfortunately many of them didn't survive for long due often to heavy drug use. Jimmy Hendrix was a major influence on the rebellious culture in England and America. He played many incredible songs and had very wild acts. He would often appear drugged and drunk on stage and was also seen having sex in public. His most famous performance was probably of The Stars and Stripes at Woodstock in America. This was the worst display of disrespect that many people had ever seen. The teenagers however, loved it. Unfortunately he died from a drug overdose as did others like Janis Joplin. Businesses took over much of the music industry. Pop groups had not had managers etc. before. Colonel Parker took over Elvis Presley and Brian Epstein managed the Beatles. They were advertised and marketed as never before. It became a money making business and became an industry in its own right for the first time in the sixties. The Beatles and The Rolling Stones had a major impact in the sixties. They were new and rebellious. The young people wanted something new and these people simply provided it. They too were living through the 1960's and experimented and wanted the same things the young society did. They were not however, the only groups to provide an enormous impact on society. ...read more.

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