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Why did groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have such great impact during the 1960s?

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Why did groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have such great impact during the 1960s? The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were the most popular bands of the 60s. What made them so popular was the fact that they were completely different from other rock n roll groups. They were influenced by rhythm and blues but they developed this into a new kind of sound that made them accomplish being represented as the mods and rockers. The Beatles as the groomed mods being the kind of boys that you mother would love and the Rolling Stones as the leather-jacket-wearing rockers. They both had their different styles and were very much rivals in the music industry. ...read more.


They started to look for jobs and on their pay day they would immediately buy the latest trends, for girls it was white lipstick, white and black dresses, wigs that didn't have a strand of hair out of place and black mascara that was so thick your eyes could hardly open. For guys they would chose between the mod or the rocker look. Since the Beatles and the Rolling Stones had not only created a new kind of sound they had the fashion movement beginning too. The music industry was transformed into a new fresh image down to managers such as Brian Epstein who remade the Beatles into clean cut boys, grooming their hair, cutting it short and dressing them up into Pierre Cardin style collarless Mod jacket. ...read more.


This was enough to make parents allow their children to buy Beatles records more often than Rolling Stones records. Whether by fate or by calculation, the band was soon closely associated with the already popular music while blending their own songs in and making them part of the overall order of rock music. To conclude my essay, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles had made such an impact on the sixties because it was at the time when teenagers were longing for something different because the beginning of the sixties was depressing and rock n roll was dying and the cold war was still going. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones came about and because they were so different teenagers became in love with them and some people say that they weren't in the 60s they were the 60s. ...read more.

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