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Why do Nurses earn less than rock stars?

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Why do Nurses earn less than rock stars? There are many reasons as to why nurses earn less than rock stars. The first, most important one, is to recognise that we are comparing these two respective salaries on a statistical basis, most likely average such as a mean, or median wage. We must take into account the range of salaries, to see how much the data we are comparing is skewed. A nurses salary cannot really vary much, as rates in hospitals (in the same area) will be similar, only varying slightly for higher positions within the nursing profession. This is in complete contrast to what rock stars can earn - some can earn just $10 an hour, despite enjoying tremendous popularity. ...read more.


This argument can easily be refuted by pointing out the hordes of riff-raff and other emotional junkies who pander towards an illustrious career of fame and fortune, and attempt to become rock-stars. However, if they are not famous or are deemed lacking of the talent needed to earn that label, they will most likely not be counted as a "rock star" and they will find it hard to enter the music industry and therefore their efforts will be in vain, and they will be discounted by those seeking to make their fortune by accumulating and manipulating market trends. Thus, we can see that demand and supply is inelastic for rock stars, while elastic for nurses. ...read more.


This would mean that nurses would have to aim to try and stay in that profession for a long period of time, which may actually discourage some people from becoming nurses. However, the mobility of labour seems o have little impact in actuality as it seems that this would make supply of labour more inelastic and elastic for nurses and pop stars respectively. Geographical mobility of labour also seems to have little bearing on the supply of labour. Lastly, there are many benefits to be gained from each profession. Rock stars have the opportunity to make millions very quickly, become famous, recognised and more influential. Nurses' benefits lie more in the vicinity of pension payments, and possibly the knowledge that you are helping the community. These seem to be the main reasons as to why nurses get paid less than pop-stars. ...read more.

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