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With reference to genre and narrative features, consider how the opening 10 minutes of Mission Impossible III gains your interest and creates expectations for the rest of the film

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With reference to genre and narrative features, consider how the opening 10 minutes of Mission Impossible III gains your interest and creates expectations for the rest of the film The narrative of a film provides the basic structure by which it is told. The narrative is usually ordered in a way that makes the film easy for the audience to understand and piece together. Genre films build on the narrative by using generic conventions which will fulfill the audience's expectations of the film. The people behind the making of each and every film aim to engage the audience's interest by using narrative and genre conventions in a way that is relative to the film's genre. If they succeed in doing so audiences will be happy and profit will be made. This essay will focus on the use of narrative and genre conventions used in the opening 10 minutes of J.J. Abrams Mission Impossible III. Mission Impossible III is the perfect example of an Action film. Abrams has given it every generic convention for an action film you could possibly think of: the hero's mission, good vs. evil, damsel in distress, spectacular stunts and a narrative that sees the hero always as the underdog in his battle against terrorism. This is Abrams first directing role for a film although he did play some part in the production of Armageddon in 1998 which contained plenty of spectacular special effects just as Mission Impossible III does. ...read more.


This is guaranteed to force conflict upon Owen and Ethan in the remainder of the film. The enigmas we are left with at the end of this scene are: How did Ethan get there? Who are the two men? What is The Rabbits Foot? And how does Ethan know the woman? All the way through the film certain events relate back to this first scene and all our questions are answered. It's basically a puzzle that is pieced together during the remainder of the film. During this whole sequence there isn't one single long or wide shot. Every shot is a close up. I think that Abrams is doing this because he wants you to feel uncomfortable; he's trying to make it seem as though you are in Ethan's shoes. Also in a way Abrams is breaking the rules of the action genre. He is letting us see Ethan in a way we don't usually see a hero. He is vulnerable. This makes the scene very intense and in some ways scary because we are not used to an action hero being in such a state of vulnerability. Although we he appears vulnerable we know that he is ultimately indestructible because if he wasn't then there would be no film to make. After this intense first scene and the introduction credits we cut to a close up of the woman who is now looking a lot happier. ...read more.


Ving Rhames is very muscular and has a rugged look about him making him a typical action star. Keeping to the simplistic form of the action genre Ethan is told that his mission is to 'Find and rescue Farris'. This is made so simple for the fact that Abrams just wants to get on with the film and doesn't want to drag it on with a long mission briefing. He just wants to lay it out flat for Ethan and the audience what Ethan has to do. The opening 10 minutes ends with the message in the disposable camera gently self destructing into a puff of smoke. The camera slowly zooms into the smoke and then the shot fades to black. I think that this almost makes the very next shot feel like the film has started again. I also think that Abrams wanted it to be like this because he wants the audience to realise that the 'feel good' theme given off by the party is now completely gone and the time to be serious with the mission has just begun. Mission Impossible III clearly shows us many generic conventions of the action film. It has a basic narrative structure but this didn't stop it from being a huge box office hit. It already had a pre-existing fan base because of Mission Impossible I & II and J.J Abrams certainly did all he could to make Mission Impossible III a true Hollywood Blockbuster. ?? ?? ?? ?? Steven Ridley ...read more.

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