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Workplace Co-operative Project report.

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WORKPLACE CO-OPERATIVE PROJECT REPORT As part of the Workplace Co-operative Project (WPCP) I was expected to participate in sixty hours worth of classroom experience and this report provides a summary of this time. Throughout the duration of the WPCP I kept a journal of my feelings and thoughts, which I make reference to in highlighting what I feel to be the key aspects of my placement in the commentary. Firstly I provide a concise report of my participation in the Workplace Co-operative Project, stating the aims, approaches, methods and outcomes of my placement. AIMS The aim of my placement was to introduce the Geography Department at Lawnswood High School to the Internet as a geographical resource, specifically to: � Locate and review topic based sites for classroom use � Create specific Internet based exercises � Display the benefits of the internet as a geographical resource for both pupils and staff APPROACH The approach was deductive in nature, assuming that the Internet is indeed a valuable geographical resource and that achieving the aims specified above would prove this. My approach was also pragmatic consisting of a basic process of trial and error in investigating websites that could potentially be used as part of learning and teaching geography. Due to the nature of the WPCP the approach was interactive, meaning that I tackled the challenge of the aforementioned aims by having continuous interaction with pupils and staff. ...read more.


I would like to point out that this describes only a small proportion of the Lawnswood population. The majority of the children were polite, keen and a pleasure to work with. My time at the school was spent introducing pupils to the Internet as a geographical resource. I worked with small groups of pupils looking at useful sites that gave them information about the topics they were learning about in the classroom, as well as working through question sheets I had prepared and showing older pupils how to carry out on-line research. I was grateful to be working with small groups because although "I felt absolutely fine having 20 little faces staring at me with curiosity" (Friday 11^th October) I was able to get to know the children much better and believe they worked better without the distraction of their classmates. What was a little uncomfortable though was I had to mark the work I set the children. I was concerned that the marks I gave out might change the way the children respond to me. It was quite the opposite however as the vast majority of the children achieved excellent grades and "it was somewhat heart warming to see those who got As with smiles on their faces" (Friday 1^st November). I also believe that the few pupils who "really couldn't be bothered, they didn't concentrate or put any effort in" (Friday 1^st November) ...read more.


CONCLUSION There is a lot of literature written about the use of computers and other sorts of media as part of learning and what benefits and variety they can bring. Some academics are concerned about the appropriate implementation and use of such media and how effective they really are, but even the government has adopted use of different media in teaching and learning as an essential part of the National Curriculum. For example Unit 22 at Key Stage 3 specifically requires the use of the Internet by pupils in research (see page 15 of pack). The Internet has fast become one of the most important and useful educational media not only for research purposes but also as a forum for teaching with online courses and virtual classrooms. McVay Lynch (2002) draws attention to the problems of such courses but does call for a need to integrate the Internet into our education system. "The communication capabilities of the Internet provide us with the opportunity to help create the kind of educational environment we want for tomorrow's students" (McVay Lynch, 2002:2). Similarly de Cicco et al (1998) highlight the value of the Internet as a resource and that information found on it is often far more up to date than other resources. This is just one of the many benefits the Internet can have and as I hope I have displayed both in the pack of materials I produced and in carrying out my placement, that the Internet has much to offer students and teachers alike. ...read more.

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