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Wrestling and Reality Culture

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Reality on Steroids : A Cultural Phenomenon "Live tonight, an Inferno match between the Undertaker and Kane! Plus, an evening gown match, the loser gets stripped down to their panties and bra!" What kind of show would produce such insane events? Does America really care to see these events take place? Not only is this type of show acceptable, but it has become a cultural phenomenon. Some people may say "That must be some sort of filth found on the Spice channel!" However, this phenomenon is known as professional wrestling. Why do Americans accept this form of entertainment, even if they know it is morally incorrect? Currently, professional wrestling among males and females of all ages is extremely popular across America. Wrestling fans participate in the phenomenon when attending wrestling events, live or televised, wearing clothing depicting wrestlers or wrestling organizations, as well as by communicating with other wrestling fans. There are numerous wrestling magazines which a fan can purchase to learn more about the sport spectacle, and millions of various collectibles and toys connected to professional wrestling have been sold since the sport gained tremendous popularity in the mid-1980s. ...read more.


Eventually, the Big Show's father dies, and a funeral is planned. The funeral is held outside, which set up a very disturbing, but strangely funny scene. As the Big Show is mourning the loss of his father, the Boss Man drives a car through the funeral, and hits the Big Show. The Boss Man ties the casket to the back of his car, and proceeds to drive away, with the casket dragging behind. The Big Show gets up and sees this, and jumps on the moving casket. Up until this point, the cancer angle seemed very serious and sad, but having the Big Show "casket surfing" lightens the mood. Revenge will be sweet, as the Big Show will end up beating the Boss Man to a bloody mess. In reality, none of this is true, but the whole story is extremely shocking, and draws the attention of many. The topics are even more outrageous than an episode of the "Jerry Springer" show. This type of entertainment has attracted millions of loyal fans, and extremely high cable ratings on Monday and Thursday nights. Professional wrestling ranks second just behind "Monday Night Football" in the Nielsen Ratings. ...read more.


Wrestling is not the cause of society's deterioration, as it is meant to please viewers across America. One form of entertainment is not going to cause American society to crumble. Wrestling used to represent "good guy vs. bad guy." Times have changed, and now, everyone cheers for wrestlers such as "The Rock" and "Stone Cold Steve Austin" who portray qualities that the fans appreciate. The Rock is extremely popular, due to his "coolness factor." Everytime he gets on the microphone, he promises to "Lay The Smackdown on Someone's Candyass" and things of that nature. He always praises the fan's, and considers himself the "People's Champion." Because of his popularity, it doesn't matter if he wrestles a "good guy" or a "bad guy." Fans like someone they can cheer, but would not cheer someone who appears corny, like a "superhero" type character. Professional wrestling never has any repeats, and always keeps a fresh, new storyline. That may be the biggest reason why people keep tuning in to this phenomenon. When it comes down to watching either a rerun of "Ally McBeal" or a live "WWF Raw," many people would choose to watch something new, such as "WWF Raw." American society is constantly evolving, and over time, all people need to accept the changes that it goes through, whether positive or negative. ...read more.

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