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Write a 5 Technical Aspects analysis of a five minute sequence from a film of your choice

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Write a 5 Technical Aspects analysis of a five minute sequence from a film of your choice I am going to analyse a sequence from the film The Fast and the Furious. The film was made in 2001 and was directed by Rob Cohen. The Fast and the Furious is an action thriller that shows us about the world of street racing and the rival gangs that take part in it in an effort to establish their street credibility and power. Add to the story an investigation into a hijacking ring by an undercover cop and who knows where it will lead. The cop, Brian Spindler (Paul Walker) wins the hard-earned respect of one of these street champs, Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel), when he proves he's got the right stuff after a brawl with a rival gang led by Johnny Tran. But other members of Dom's followers do not accept Brian into the fold as readily, especially the hard-nosed Vince who suspects he is not what he seems. Brian annoys Vince even more when he becomes attracted to Dom's sister, Mia and his feelings are returned. ...read more.


This shot shows the audience the type of area which they are in now and it shows a contrast to the last place which they were just in. As the vehicles come to a stop the camera's move into a close up on various oriental men when they remove their helmets. This shot shows that these people are some kind of gang and have something wrong with the Dom and Brian. The shot of Dom and Brian stood by their car and all the oriental people surrounding them backs up the previous statement that I just made. After the oriental people have driven off there is a two shot of Dom and Brian talking and getting back in the car, just when they think it is safe to drive off they are interrupted by the sound of the motorbikes coming closer. The pair gets out of the car and there is a mid-aerial shot so you can see the car and the motorbikes coming back, this then switches to a close up on the car as it is shot at. This angle has been used so as though you can see the damage that is being made to the car. ...read more.


The other stunt that stands out is when the car jumps as it is going over the small hill in the road. The car would have to be going at a high speed for it to jump that high off the ground. There are three different locations for the sequence, the first is the empty downtown streets when Brian and Dom are escaping the police, the second is the main highway which they travel down as they are talking between them and are caught by the rival gang and the third is the china town area where the oriental rival gang takes them too. The first and third locations seem as though they are the home territory for the two rival gangs, with Dom's gang living downtown and the oriental people all live near the china town area. The clothes, which the two different gangs wear, vary because all the oriental people are wearing black pants with tight tops and leather jackets, this makes them seem as though they like to keep to themselves. Where as Dom is wearing black cargo pants, a black vest top and a brown leather jacket and Brian is wearing a plain navy t-shirt and black pants. These two seem as though they like to be wearing the latest street fashions. Lyanne Craft 29/09/03 ...read more.

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