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Write a formal essay analysing the ways in which the WWF advertisement persuades the reader to donate money.

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Write a formal essay analysing the ways in which the WWF advertisement persuades the reader to donate money. In your response you should comment on: * Use of illustration, presentation and layout * Use of language * The information included * Anything else that is considered important In this essay I will analyse the ways in which the World Wildlife Fund persuade the reader to donate money through the use of this poster. The target audience of the poster is middle aged workers with some degree of disposable income and also anybody who has an interest in preserving the wildlife of the world. For their target audience to see the poster they will publish it in broadsheet newspapers and send it in the mail along with other adverts of a similar description. ...read more.


The entire advert is split up using sub-headings; each sub heading introduces the paragraph or section to come and effectively allows you to skim read or just browse through the paragraphs by the subheading alone. The text is laid out with informal Paragraphs, with sections of bold and plain text divided by the subheadings I have described above. The only negative to the use of text is that it is quite small and crowded, so the reader would need to feel strongly about the subject to 'read on' from the main headings and this may discourage other potential audience other than what it is aimed for. The text is introduced by a shocking and dramatic contrast between the progress of the human species and the decimation of the animal world our progress has caused. ...read more.


The covenant itself is asking for a long term commitment of at least four years from one thousand people donating one hundred pounds per annum. To ensure that the reader donates money the end statement 'if we fail their chances of survival diminish' makes sure that anyone who does not donate will feel guilty that they have not. If the advertisement is appealing to the target audience and them only I feel it has a fairly strong change of getting a response. But to those for who it is not intended the advert may not appeal enough for anything more than a glance. This essay I hope has shown that this advert is a good example of persuading people to donate money but it needs further improvement if the argument it presents is to be recognised by the majority rather than the minority. Robert Richardson GCSE English Coursework 26/10/04 ...read more.

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