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Youth representation in

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From the very beginning of both films we can see there is going to be a big difference. At the very beginning of "10 things I hate about you" we see a big town, which I think is Seattle because in the background I can see the "CN Tower", and also there is a sort of modern U.S.A. high school rock being played which is kind of upbeat. Unlike "Stand By Me" which starts off with an adult sitting in a car, in a field, in the middle of nowhere, and there is slow old music being played in the background as the adult is reading a newspaper article about an attorney being killed (later on we realise that the attorney was once a very close friend). Also from the very beginning "10 Thing's...." starts with very bright colours which shows us that its is going to be a cheerful, interesting and happy film, we can say this because that's the kind of feelings people get from bright colours. However "Stand by me" starts off with a quite dull colour scheme, because of the dull colour scheme we can say that it is going to be a sad film, as well as an emotional film. ...read more.


has a lot of money and also has a very good job in being a doctor who delivers babies, but he tries his best to be the best he can. However, in "stand by me" none of the parents really care about their children. Teddy's dad tried to burn his ear off, so he was put in a mental hospital, Verne's big brother bullies him and his parents don't stop him, Gordie's parents ignore him since his bigger brother died, and Chris's parents don't give a damn. This shows us that all the boys have had a really bad upbringing and that the parents don't care for them. In "10 Thing's...." Cat's ambition is to get a really good education and move as far away as possible to a University on the other side of U.S.A., I think she wants to get away become she feels her dad see' her as the mother figure and she doesn't like it. But in "stand by me" all the boys ambitions at first is to become famous by finding "The Body", because if they find the missing body they will have they names read out loads of ...read more.


The Ending in "10 Thing's...." is a lot less realistic then that of "stand by me", for example in "10 Thing's...." the good guy gets everything he wants (Cameron gets the girl) and it all ends happy apart from the fact that the "bad" guy Joey ends up with nothing. However in "stand by me" it is more realistic because the boys try to get on with their lives the way they left them, so instead of becoming famous they gave the police an anonymous phone call telling them where the body is, and then they try to fight their own battles from then on. The meaning in "10 Thing's...." is good will always get what they want in the end and the bad wont. However "stand by me" has a more meaningful meaning which is " You'll never have friends like you did when you was 12. From watching both these films although you could say that both films fall into the "Teen" genre, you could say that "10 Thing's...." is more of a funny teen movie when "stand by me" is more of a powerful teen movie which actually makes you think about your friends and how close are you to your friends? ...read more.

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