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AS and A Level: Miscellaneous

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  1. Conditions of Service

    �14,297 pa �15,604 pa Officer Cadet �13,082 pa Second Lieutenant/ Graduate Officer Cadet �20,681 pa Lieutenant - on appointment (most graduates on leaving RMAS) - after one year - after two years - after three years �24,860 pa �25,514 pa �26,167 pa �26,820 pa �27,474 pa Captain �31,854 pa �37,883 pa Major �40,124pa �48,056pa Lieutenant Colonel �56,316pa �62,254pa Colonel �65,218pa �72,084pa Brigadier �78,227pa �81,563pa Salary As the table shows, the salaries offered for Officers in the army are very welcoming.

    • Word count: 2368
  2. Theoretical Perspectives

    2008: 17), also known as the bosses, or ruling class, and the workers, or working class. Thus, the education system we currently use is merely training the future working class of society, while the bourgeoisie, or bosses, are born in to their role within society and inherit all the benefits that come with it. The same structure is mirrored in education, with teachers adopting the role of the bourgeoisie and students taking on the role of the proletariat. This is also argued by Bowles and Gintis who stated that "the major role of education in capitalist societies is the reproduction of labour power."

    • Word count: 2339
  3. La Biomimtrie

    Le monde industriel a commenc� � fabriquer des structures et des mat�riaux qui �taient distingu�s de ceux de la nature. Le biomim�tisme actuellement devient tr�s populaire et les scientifiques croient que c'est l'�ge d'or pour les technologies bioinspir�es. C'est � cause des avancements de la science comme la microscopie et une aspiration � la durabilit� que le biomim�tisme devient plus r�pandu. Les premi�res inventions bioinspir�es avec succ�s sont le Velcro et la r�alisation d'un train japonais qui est super a�rodynamique en 1950.

    • Word count: 2904
  4. san juan culture

    El Morro is a labyrinth of tunnels, barracks, guard posts and traps. The Cathedral of San Juan-The Cathedral, founded in 1521, is one of the most important in the Caribbean. Calle Cristo- The streets of Old Dan John are made of cobblestones, blue stones used as weight in Spanish ships The Parque de las Palomas- is surrounded by the wall of San Juan and from there observe magnificent

    • Word count: 2174
  5. Morality of Slavery

    He was considered by many, including himself to be an avid abolitionist, even though he owned many slaves. Jefferson gained rights to his slaves by mortgages and debt. He was not allowed to release and free his slaves until he was debt free, which never happened. In Jefferson's most famous piece of work throughout his long political career, Jefferson wrote about the morality of men, whether free or enslaved. His document, The Declaration of Independence, was based on the morals he was taught, including those about equality. Although there are many arguments concerning the morality of slavery, things such as the demoralization of the person, the forceful work without benefits, the religious aspect of ownership, and the governmental view seem to be the forerunners.

    • Word count: 2242
  6. True Individualism

    In The Individual in the Chains of Illusion, he addresses how the war provoked nationalism and "Nationalism killed humanism. The nation and its sovereignty became the new idols to which the individual succumbed." (Fromm/Jacobus 335) After the war, Fromm joined the American Socialist Party because, "I felt it to be my duty not to remain passive in a world which seems to be moving toward a self-chosen catastrophe. I hasten to add that there was more to it than a sense of obligation.

    • Word count: 2598
  7. World Poverty

    Others have no hope of even obtaining an education due to where they live. No one particularly knows the cause of poverty, but there are many people who have studied it and have come up with their own theories as to why poverty exists. There are very few things being done to fix the problem of poverty, and many of those few things only exacerbate the problem instead of help it. Governments around the world try to come up with policies that they believe will somehow make poverty go away, but this is becoming an increasing problem.

    • Word count: 2461
  8. Market Segmentation of Carden Park

    In the demographic segment the customer's wants are closely linked to different variables like income age and family size. In the demographic segmentation process there is often much more data obtainable to make the selection more considered. It is often thought of that people of the same ages are interested in similar products and services. Carden Park will aim to market to different family sizes and ages therefore they will aim their marketing based on information from demographic segmentation. Stage on life cycle Young Single People Young Couple Full nest 1 (Young couple with baby) Full nest 2 (Couple with young Children)

    • Word count: 2083
  9. An Examination of Southern Dialect

    The works of William Faulkner succeed in creating a literary dialect which is relatively consistent throughout all of his stories. A literary dialect is best defined as an ?author�(tm)s attempt to represent in writing a speech that is restricted regionally, socially, or both? (Ives 146). In Faulkner�(tm)s writing, this can be described by such traits as an intentional misspelling, like ?marster? for master, or in the use of ?Miss? along with the given first name of a female, as in ?Miss Corrie.? These, amongst countless other examples, are distinctly Southern speech traditions.

    • Word count: 2916
  10. Current affares

    There are some controls on the way the media report issues but generally it is self-regulated. The main thing that stops the media reporting the facts in totally the wrong way is that they can get sued for a lot of money. Although the media don't generally report anything that is untrue, it can express the personal views of the reporter or the editor. The media can be very influential by deciding what to report and what not to. When I was researching my assignment I found that some newspapers have "Blog" sites on the Internet where the public can make their own comments on the reports (e.g.

    • Word count: 2384
  11. Employment in the public services

    The Royal Army Roles of the Army The role of an organisation is what it does on a day-to-day basis. The Army has a variety of roles to perform. It is one of the three armed forces that defend our borders on the ground. The borders they defend are those of the UK and although they are prepared for battle, they try to keep the peace at all costs. The UK has allies in other countries like France, the USA etc.

    • Word count: 2129
  12. Production Process

    Lighting designer Your role within the theatre is to work with the director, set designer, costume designer, sound designer and choreographer to create an overall 'look' for the show in response to the text, while keeping in mind issues of visibility, safety and cost. You must also take into consideration the physical constraints of the production when choosing equipment. You will also work closely with the stage manager on show control programming. You will oversee the work of a team of technicians.

    • Word count: 2310
  13. What evidence is there that children(TM)s development is influenced by play with siblings and peers?

    Children's relationship with their siblings usually last longer, and are often more significant and unique, than other family relationships. Schaffer (2003) explains how we can examine children's different relationships in terms of the balance of knowledge and power. A parent/child relationship usually involves interactions such as the child asking for help or guidance, these are thought to be complementary roles whereas peer relationships are characterised by similar levels of knowledge and power, making interactions more of a reciprocal process. Sibling relationships however can have features of both as they can act as both a guide and as a friend.

    • Word count: 2196
  14. Children are active in constructing their own learning.

    This is known as classical conditioning as the dogs showed a conditioned response by associating the bell with food. Extending upon Pavlov's work, Watson (1924) demonstrated, through his 'Little Albert' experiment, which involved conditioning a 9 month old child to fear a white rat, using loud noises -, that humans will also respond to stimuli in the same way. This experiment showed that we can condition emotional responses, such as fear but the ethics of the experiment are criticized. Nowadays, Behaviourism is associated with Skinner (1905-1990). By devising experiments such as 'Skinners box' (an enclosure for examining animal conditioning, where the animal will usually press a bar to obtain a reward or punishment)

    • Word count: 2165

    bodies, which have responsibility for children's welfare until children or young people are of an age or deemed mature enough to give consent themselves. Whether or not the young person is mature enough is based upon the extent to which the child understands all aspects of the research. In Gillick v W Norfolk and Wisbech AHA (1985) in Masson (2004) a child who demonstrated 'sufficient understanding' was permitted to consent to medical treatment against her parent's wishes. One further point to consider is that researchers also need to be aware that legally, a gatekeeper's role is to allow access for

    • Word count: 2400
  16. Service Request McBride Financial

    Continuing through the business start-up process, the team has honed the concept of how McBride Financial Services will position itself in the market and how the company will run its operations by creating a mock up of the current website. Team A will be updating the website with a blog for feedback and FAQ (frequently asked questions) to make it easy for customers to find solutions to his or her questions in a timelier manner. The team has identified and describes site functionality, including data to be displayed and data to be captured, such as adding an about us link, adding easy access to home listings, and improving the application process.

    • Word count: 2165
  17. Referencing. This essay is going to look at four different methods of research used in projects and the need to reference accurately. The first section will look at websites.

    The internet also enables people to look at other subjects related to the one that is being research. Most internet sites are also updated monthly, some even daily. So all the information gathered is most likely to be up-to-date. Although the internet can provide a wide range of information, there are some downsides to this. As anyone and everyone can access the internet, some of the information may be made up or details may be wrong. For example, Wikipedia allows anyone to add information, whether or not it is correct.

    • Word count: 2371
  18. Amylase practical

    The rate of reaction may be increased by, raising the temperature, increasing the surface area, increasing the concentration, increasing the pressure and by using a catalyst. The opposite of the first four factors that I mentioned will decrease the rate of reaction. A catalyst can be used for both purposes, but it is most often used to speed up the reaction. Preliminary Theory: We did a similar experiment in year 9 when we were studying this part of the digestive system.

    • Word count: 2811
  19. Science:NHS

    They also have a large amount of stock with at least 98% availability when needed. They also have a fast and dependable delivery service that gets companies there goods on time, they transport there goods with a modern transport fleet. They invest in technology for there company so that they can provide a better service for there customers. They had spent �6million to open a new plant in February 2005 and they also had high quality machines and technology that will help keep the company to run. They have an official approval from EFSIS and BRC, these both are suppliers that check the food company before they can supply there goods.

    • Word count: 2962
  20. Travel and Tourism Unit 8 Task A

    This is how terrorism begins to become a social issue; the aim of terrorism is to bring about fear and so, people may be afraid to go to certain places, for instance, instead of visiting London, someone may choose to visit a different British city because of London's association with terrorist attacks. "When deciding on an appropriate vacation spot tourists consider not only the exchange rate, costs, scenery, temperature and other amenities, but also the risk of terrorism." [Enders, Sandler 2006] This is where terrorism begins to affect the travel and tourism industry.

    • Word count: 2518
  21. Communication in todays society

    Industry relations. ? Stockholder/investor relations. Information systems ? Software/hardware provider contacts. ? Negotiations, purchasing, support. ? Computer installation and support for internal clients. Research and development ? Technical and industry research, information exchange. Plant/ production ? Scheduling. ? Set-up, maintenance. ? Quality control. ? Worker safety. Purchasing ? Contact with product and service suppliers. ? Product specification and quotes. ? Price negotiation. Training ? Employee education. Personal/ human resources ? Hiring ? Staff management. ? Employee review. ? Firing/ outplacement.

    • Word count: 2063
  22. Standard Methods To determine Plant Requirements

    Graders are primarily finishing equipment; they level earth already moved into position by bulldozers and scrapers. Lightweight tractors fitted with wheels in place of tracks are used for comparatively light construction jobs. Equipped with a backhoe, which is an open scoop attached rigidly to a hinged boom, such a vehicle can dig shallow trenches; equipped with a front-end loader, a scoop shovel affixed to the front of the tractor, it can lift and carry gravel, stone, sand, and other construction materials. * Draglines and power shovels are the primary forms of excavation equipment. A dragline is fitted with an open scoop supported from the end of a long boom by a wire cable.

    • Word count: 2775
  23. the great girl deficit, in india

    * In the year 1999 the sex ratio value was 936 girls and women to every 1000 boys and men. * According to the more recent official Indian Census of 2001, there were 927 girl babies for every 1000 boy babies nationwide. * Towards the north-west of the country the sex ratio suffers more, with states such as Haryana having a sex ratio of only 865 girls and women to every 1000 boys and men and Punjab where the sex ratio is 880 females to every 1000 males.

    • Word count: 2457
  24. child abuse and legislation

    2006. p.12). If a child discloses information to you then it is important to listen carefully to what the child is saying and to take everything that they say seriously. "Allow the child to tell you about what has happened, without stopping them or asking for more details. You may repeat things that the child said in an enquiring tone, where you are not sure about something, but do not ask them any questions." (Flynn, H. et Al. 2004.

    • Word count: 2683
  25. How effectively and efficiently a group or an individual would perform the task provided

    "As commonly used, individual refers to a person or to any specific object in a collection. In the 15th century and earlier, and also today within the fields of statistics and metaphysics, individual means "indivisible", typically describing any numerically singular thing, but sometimes meaning "a person". (q.v. "The problem of proper names")." (Abbs 1986, cited in Klein 2005, p.26-27). As the definition states, individual refers to a single person. So, the work done by an individual totally depends upon the individual himself. S\He is the only one to overcome through all the work loads. S\He is the one who can make the result of the work good or bad.

    • Word count: 2010

Advanced level qualifications are generally studied during the ages of 16-18 after a student has taken their GCSE level qualifications. As the name suggests the level of study in the subjects is at a considerably higher level than that which the student will have studied. The amount of study involved in an A level generally means that three is sufficient challenge for the vast majority of students although some high-achievers may be entered for four (or even more).

Students can take a free-standing AS level in the first year as a separate qualification but all the marks for the Advanced level are awarded in the examinations at the end of the second year of study. Advanced level qualifications are used in university applications to allow universities to make decisions about potential students. If you have designs on a particular degree pathway, take care to find out if the subjects you will be studying at A level will be appropriate for the course.


Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Assess and evaluate the relationship between religion and social change

    "To conclude, the ideologies both show how religion can be a force for social change, yet it can also prevent it. I believe that whether religion can change society or not very much depends on the values you believe. It is shown in the arguments outlined above that depending on which society you live in religion can be a factor as to whether it changes society or not. For example Marxists believe that the bourgeoisie reproduces the interests of their own and create a false class consciousness for those who are not powerful and prevent the working class from rebelling. However, in places such as Latin America, religion can be a cause for social change to help those being oppressed within society."

  • "The European Parliament remains merely a talking shop". Discuss

    "In conclusion, it can be seen that, since the 1990s, the powers of the European Parliament have slowly increased, and its significance within the EU has also risen. However, member states are still reluctant to give the European Parliament more powers, as they fear that strengthening these powers would take away the sovereignty of national governments. When comparing the European Parliament to national governments, the European Parliament is relatively weak, as there is no solid executive configuration, and they don't have real power over the council. The democratic deficit has slightly lessened due to the fact that Parliament is elected by the citizens, but the voter apathy and low turnout appears to undermine it. However, the European Parliament does appear to make the most of its powers, and has successfully shown, through the Santer crisis in 1999 and the issue with Rocco Buttiglione, that they are capable of controlling the commission. Nevertheless, it is evident that the European Parliament isn't perhaps as authoritative as it can be: for example, the ability to dismiss individual commissioners would be a far more effective way of holding the commission to account, and would reduce the need to threaten the commission with a motion to censure due to one individual."

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