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AS and A Level: Miscellaneous

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  1. Outline the main changes and developments in American Stage Music from “Showboat” to “West Side Story”.

    It included issues such as drink addiction, gambling problems, and the recurring issue of racism, a theme that would feature quite prominently in later productions such as "Porgy & Bess" and "West Side Story". As Mike Krueger put it; "The history of the American Musical, quite simply, is divided into two eras: everything before "Showboat," and everything after "Showboat". The arrival of "Showboat" shattered and rebuilt almost every aspect of American Theatre Music. From the moment the curtain was raised on the show's opening night, the audience could quite clearly see that it was no stereotypical show.

    • Word count: 2466
  2. How does building policy in Wales compare with policy in Scotland in terms of sustainability?

    I will then research the same information for Scotland. I will compare the findings of my research and take note of the similarities and difference in planning policy in the two devolved nations. Next, I will conduct an interview with the Senior Planning Officer at Conwy Council Planning Department, James Harland, about the effects of the sustainability regulations on his work and projects. Finally, I will analyse the results of my interview and compare them to the results of my own research so as to form a reliable conclusion about my topic.

    • Word count: 2605

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