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AS and A Level: Miscellaneous

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  1. Problem Solution: Foundation Schools

    Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas The solution preferred will determine the ethical dilemmas as it seeks to get to the bottom of both issues which face the School Board, the faculty-educators and the community. By bringing a project manager on board, the School Board will have a point of contact who will work eagerly towards realizing their goal of increased profits and expansion. Nancy Anderson will be permitted to work on what she considers is best for the the people and the faculty without the primary concern that she is forfeiting one for the other and the teachers will be permitted to deal with their concerns through the new problem - resolution procedure.

    • Word count: 4061
  2. Brand Building and Loyalty in Emerging Economics

    Problem Definition Companies are now close to achieving a strong sense occurred overseas, especially in a changing country. However, the latest round of financial crisis, leverage spectacularly in the world economic system of buyers. The consequences of these spectacular results is that there is not assured market for their future buyers, so they are not very good at predicting long-term development. Therefore, the study focusing on the brand building and loyalty and commitment in the markets that are emerging will be to the construction of a buyer's market there will be crucial to the companies who want to do their efforts in these unstable circumstances.

    • Word count: 6845
  3. Customer experience management in UK higher education

    A current example is the importance of recommendation or word of mouth word that former clients or customers, with low frequency of purchase, are for new customers. (Boulding 2003 27) The National Quality Awards and ISO 9000: 2000 consider the theme of customer satisfaction as being essential to the performance of the company. Managing an organisation with a focus on customer guarantees the future performance of the company. (Brown 2001 44) Models Indexes National Customer Satisfaction came with two main objectives of understanding the factors that influence satisfaction and customer loyalty, and as a source of information for benchmarking practices among companies.

    • Word count: 24100
  4. Legalising Prostitution in Britain

    Prostitution can be defined as the exchange of sexual favours for combined and not sentimental or emotional interests. Although prostitution often consists in an exchange relationship between sex and money, this is not a rule. You can trade sex for professional favours for material goods (including money), for information, etc. (Leichtentritt 2004 349) Problem Statement It is often said that prostitution is the world's oldest profession. Do not know. But if it were, it seems incredible that in a country as old as Britain (and in many other nations) has not yet found a suitable legal reserve of that activity.

    • Word count: 9146
  5. Alternative Energie

    Bedacht werden muss jedoch auch der Anfall von Feinstaub und Stickoxiden bei der Verbrennung. Die Menge der gewonnenen Energie ist verglichen zum Bedarf relativ gering. Ein h�heres Resultat lie�e sich nur unter grundlegenden Eingriffen in die Natur und Umwelt erzielen. Monokulturen und Urbarmachung von Fl�chen w�ren die Folgen. Kleine und mittlere Biogasanlagen haben sich aber in einem �berschaubaren Rahmen bereits bew�hrt. Geothermie Bei der Nutzung der Erdw�rme sind gro�e Fortschritte zu verzeichnen. Sowohl im oberfl�chennahen Bereich, in wachsendem Ma�e nutzen z.B.

    • Word count: 3115
  6. Contemporary Construction - Economics and Finance

    Bigger companies will be more concentrated on big projects due to the Olympics. Therefore, small-scale companies now have the chance to take on bigger projects than they usually have. It's up to them to weigh-out the opportunity cost of either accepting bigger projects or just staying within the limits of their comfort zone. 3. Price Mechanism Price mechanism is one way of regulating and allocating resources. It is a way of matching up offers that market players bid and ask. A bid is an offer to pay a fix amount while an ask is an offer to sell for a fix amount.

    • Word count: 3404
  7. Travel options to Paris and Manhattan

    * Collects data which no other business will have access to (the results are confidential). * In the case of online surveys and telephone interviews, the data can be obtained quite quickly (think about how quickly political opinion polls come out). The main disadvantages of primary research are that it: * Can be difficult to collect and/or take a long time to collect. * Is expensive to collect. * May provide miss-leading results if the sample is not large enough or chosen with care; or if the questionnaire questions are not worded properly. The primary research that I will use during this task will be face-to-face interviews, so I can ask specific questions to people, who have preferably travelled to one of the destination I am looking into.

    • Word count: 6296
  8. The Diversity of the Leisure Industry

    This may be to do with schooling and work taking up free time, and retirement taking up money. Active leisure activities Active leisure usually involves exercise or sport. Active leisure covers all three "benefits": physical, psychological & social. There are hundreds of examples of active leisure, put into hundreds of different categories, such as sport: * Indoor- badminton, basketball & bowling * Outdoor- jogging, football & canoeing * Team- volleyball & hockey * Individual- horse-riding & paragliding * Countryside- hiking & sailing * Urban- yoga & keep-fit There are many benefits to participating in active leisure, whether it is high or low impact, has psychological, physical & social benefits: * It makes (or keeps)

    • Word count: 6807
  9. Surgical Instruments Left Inside Of Patients after Surgery

    of r?t?in?d for?ign bodi?? ?ft?r ?urg?ry h?v? b??n r?port?d in th? lit?r?tur? ?inc? th? mid-19th c?ntury. Th? ??rli??t c??? m?ntion?d took pl?c? in 1859 wh?n ? "??? ?pong?" w?? lo?t in ?n op?r?tion. ?t l???t 500 c???? of r?t?in?d ?pong?? ?nd in?trum?nt? w?r? in th? lit?r?tur? ?nd r?vi?w?d by th? Cro???n broth?r? in th?ir 1940 cl???ic book For?ign Bodi?? L?ft in th? ?bdom?n.3 Th?y r?port?d th?t th? mort?lity r?t? for obj?ct? l?ft in th? ?bdom?n r?ng?d ?? high ?? 25% ?nd ?lmo?t 20% of th? c???? w?r? di?cov?r?d through ?utop?y. ?pong?? w?r? found up to 30 y??r? ?ft?r ?urg?ry.

    • Word count: 3428
  10. Planning, Design and Production Phases of the Construction Industry

    Other aspects such as the location of the building and factors which could affect access to the buildings. On the site used in this project the A12, (a busy major road), would be a big factor that could affect the design elements of the project. The timescale of the project, when does the building need to be finished by? And lastly what budget does the client have and can the project be completed within it. > Feasibility; at this stage the client has definitely introduced an architect and he can now produce a report showing any adjustments he has made

    • Word count: 4610
  11. Investigating The Use of Pectinase

    Pectinases are obtained commercially from fungi, particularly Aspergillus. Pectinase is in a particular class of enzymes and is known as a hydrolase, these are enzymes that are present when catalyzing reactions between water and a substrate. During a process like this water is bonded to certain molecules and molecules are also broken up into smaller units (as shown in diagram). Simply, pectin, along with cellulose and proteins, is found in the cell walls of such fruits as apples and oranges and the enzyme pectinase breaks down pectin. So it makes sense to say that pectinase breaks down plant cell walls, which, evidently produces more fruit juice, this way,

    • Word count: 5811
  12. Mutual Fund

    So the two basic and most sought for features, those of return safety and quantum of returns were being handsomely taken care of. Though certainly not the most efficient systems in terms of service standards and liquidity, these have still managed to attract the attention of small, retail investors. However, with the government announcing its intention of reducing the interest rates in small savings options, this avenue is expected to lose some of the investors. Public Provident Funds act as options to save for the post retirement period for most people and have been considered good option largely due to

    • Word count: 26480
  13. Origins of Statutory Regulations and Controls

    - Building Act 1984 - consolidated building regulations under one piece of legislation leading to the introduction of, - Building Regulations 1985 - introduced in November 1985 and were accompanied by supportive Approved Documents. If the guidance in the approved document was followed this would generally be evidence to show that you have worked in conjunction with the regulations. This is the form of regulations used today. - July 1987 - Inner London finally works alongside the regulations making them a uniformed regulation across England & Wales.

    • Word count: 5592
  14. Principles of the Building Control System

    From time to time new requirements were added to the London Building act and similar acts were introduced around Britain. The Public Health Act 1875 - Was the first piece of countrywide legislation dealing with many aspects of building. Due to the outbreak of disease during the industrial revolution the government was forced to take action against bad sanitation, drainage & ventilation in new building requirements. The Building Regulations 1965 - actually came into place in February 1966, this was the first form of modern legislation that covered the main part of England & Wales apart from Inner London Boroughs where the London Building Acts continued to prevail.

    • Word count: 3767
  15. Offender Profiling

    placing strong emphasis on information present at the scene of a crime by looking at evidence taken from a crime scene or how a crime scene is arranged. This is known as Crime Scene Analysis (or Crime Scene Investigation). This allows offenders or offences to be categorised into particular types of crime such as criminal damage, fraud, murder, rape, serial offences, etc. (Class notes) The FBI's early approach was based on in-depth interviews with some 36 sexually orientated serial murderers.

    • Word count: 4828
  16. Leisure Studies- Unit 5- A02

    These groups are: * 1- Bachelor Everyone is bachelor at some point in there life. This is from the time when an individual finishes school to the day that they get married if they choose to. A majority of bachelors will have quite a high disposable income because they are not likely to have a mortgage and unlikely to have a family of their own to look after and spend their money on. This is also the group where people are likely to have quite a lot of spare time so can get involved with extra curricular activities like sport.

    • Word count: 4615
  17. Leisure Studies- Unit 5- A03

    exciting, varied, imaginative and resourceful in order for the children to be interested and want to attend them without getting bored and uninterested. The programs for children's clubs need to be constantly changed and continually made new and exciting in order for children to stay interested. 'Andy Jackson says that to encourage children to come back for more, every activity has to be suitable for all levels of fitness and incorporate strong elements of fun.'6 7In the article Early Start it talks about a scheme called body4life and this is a programme designed for children aged 8-13 years old.

    • Word count: 3818
  18. "Why has there been a substantial increase in the adopted population of children born from foreign countries over the past 10yrs"

    For many years adoption was only done either locally or domestically as children tended to be visible indifferent from their families and because attitudes towards adoption were also more reserved. In modern society almost everyone knows someone who has adopted from a foreign country or has at least become aware of it through the media. The trend of international adoption began after the Korean War, when Korean and Amerasian orphans were placed into families in the United States. Since then, thousands of children have been adopted from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, with a majority of children being adopted from China.

    • Word count: 5922
  19. Physical preparation and fitness for the uniformed services

    A healthy balanced diet should consist of: * 60% CARBOHYDRATES- an important constituent of almost all foods and an excellent source of energy food. If consumed before and after a workout, the workout will be more effective. According to The balance of good health sheet, a person should consume 6-14 measures of carbohydrates per day. Sources include: bread, beans, pasta, rice, dried fruit etc. * 25%FATS- Function of fats are: i) Production of and storage of energy in the body ii)

    • Word count: 3153
  20. 'Research costs time and money and cannot be justified unless it informs policy and practice'.

    state that theoretical research is useful in persuading others about the need for change and can be the stepping stone which influences changes in policy and practice. Research, policy and practice are inter-related according to Edwards (2004) and it is not only research that influences policy and practice, practitioners' expert knowledge of what is happening in their field is important and can inform what research is necessary. Edwards also states that in order to improve the relation between researchers and practitioners and end-users (children and young people), it is important to actively involve end-users and practitioners in the research process.

    • Word count: 3416

    While Inbound's roots lie in the company's unparalleled technical expertise in areas such as the holographic polymer media, holographic storage techniques, laser optics and drive technology, our greatest strength is the creative application of pure science and experienced engineering for the next generation of storage technology. The Inbound founders include the principal systems and material scientists from Bell Labs who is a team associate for the core technology. In addition, the engineering and business teams have many years of experience successfully developing and bringing to market a wide range of storage products with companies such as Hewlett-Packard.

    • Word count: 5019
  22. Compare the styles and effectiveness of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

    There are plenty of ethnicities dealt with in the movie: White; Asian; Mexican; Puerto Rican; El Salvadoran; Black American; Korean; Chinese and Russian. Now it is the directors' prerogative to structure a plot around, or concerning of each of these ethnic groups, but whether the representations are fair and objective will be clarified in my own mind throughout this essay. The first character we are introduced to is a black police detective, Graham. He has just been involved in a very minor car 'crash' which is the catalyst for the philosophy of the whole film.

    • Word count: 4725
  23. employee and employer's laws and legislations

    environment with safe appliances and systems The Terms of the Contract 3.11 Employment Rights Act 1996 - The employer must give a written statement of the main terms of employment within two months of the commencement of the employment to the employee 3.12 Failure to provide to written terms of employment the employee can go to an industrial tribunal to have the terms of the contract determined Termination of employment 3.13 Notice - Depending on the selected business the notice to be given depends on the employees contract 3.14 Dismissal - With dismissal comes statuary claims to be eligible to

    • Word count: 3318
  24. Travel Journal to Australia

    We were delayed in New York for three hours. We landed in Los Angles at 9:30PM Pacific Standard Time. We claimed our luggage and checked-in again for our flight to Sydney. We had to rush to get something to eat. It was already 11:30PM Pacific Standard Time. We are flying with another delegation. They are a high school group from southern California. I am so excited! We are getting closer to Australia! Date July 18, 2007 Day 3 of my journey Starting destination: Sydney, NSW, Australia Ending destination: Sydney, NSW, Australia Activity/Site #1: Sydney Tower What did you learn?

    • Word count: 8816

Advanced level qualifications are generally studied during the ages of 16-18 after a student has taken their GCSE level qualifications. As the name suggests the level of study in the subjects is at a considerably higher level than that which the student will have studied. The amount of study involved in an A level generally means that three is sufficient challenge for the vast majority of students although some high-achievers may be entered for four (or even more).

Students can take a free-standing AS level in the first year as a separate qualification but all the marks for the Advanced level are awarded in the examinations at the end of the second year of study. Advanced level qualifications are used in university applications to allow universities to make decisions about potential students. If you have designs on a particular degree pathway, take care to find out if the subjects you will be studying at A level will be appropriate for the course.


Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Assess and evaluate the relationship between religion and social change

    "To conclude, the ideologies both show how religion can be a force for social change, yet it can also prevent it. I believe that whether religion can change society or not very much depends on the values you believe. It is shown in the arguments outlined above that depending on which society you live in religion can be a factor as to whether it changes society or not. For example Marxists believe that the bourgeoisie reproduces the interests of their own and create a false class consciousness for those who are not powerful and prevent the working class from rebelling. However, in places such as Latin America, religion can be a cause for social change to help those being oppressed within society."

  • "The European Parliament remains merely a talking shop". Discuss

    "In conclusion, it can be seen that, since the 1990s, the powers of the European Parliament have slowly increased, and its significance within the EU has also risen. However, member states are still reluctant to give the European Parliament more powers, as they fear that strengthening these powers would take away the sovereignty of national governments. When comparing the European Parliament to national governments, the European Parliament is relatively weak, as there is no solid executive configuration, and they don't have real power over the council. The democratic deficit has slightly lessened due to the fact that Parliament is elected by the citizens, but the voter apathy and low turnout appears to undermine it. However, the European Parliament does appear to make the most of its powers, and has successfully shown, through the Santer crisis in 1999 and the issue with Rocco Buttiglione, that they are capable of controlling the commission. Nevertheless, it is evident that the European Parliament isn't perhaps as authoritative as it can be: for example, the ability to dismiss individual commissioners would be a far more effective way of holding the commission to account, and would reduce the need to threaten the commission with a motion to censure due to one individual."

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