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Age of Enlightenment and Romantic AgeTop 10

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Age of Enlightenment and Romantic AgeTop 10 HUM 102 Intro to Humanities: Renaissance to Present Age of Enlightenment Art During the Age of Enlightenment the major style was Rococo and artist expression centered on the theme "the pursuit of pleasure." This is most evident in The Swing, painted by Jean-Honore Fragonard in 1769. Sculpture in the Age of Enlightenment wasn't much different than the paintings. Just as in the paintings it centered on pleasure. This is clearly seen in the sculpture The Intoxication of Wine, by Clodion in 1775, the intimate playfulness of the individuals as they frolic and drink wine in the nude. Music Music was an important part of the Enlightenment ear. Public recitals were rising in popular demand. The audience didn't wait for the end of the musical piece to applaud and they often asked for the 'movement' to be repeated. The musical genius of the time, and possibly all time, was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart's symphony #40 is probably the most popular melodies of all time. ...read more.


Voltaire claimed to have not written this piece and that the actual author was "Dr Demad" Literature Benjamin Franklin was considered America's first great man of letters by the Scottish philosopher David Hume. He produced an annual book called Poor Richard's Almanack. The publication of these books began in 1732 and continued for several years. In these books, Franklin offered encouragement, advice, factual information, and he introduced characters such as old Father Abraham and Poor Richard. A Christmas Carol is one of the world's most famous stories. The tale of an old grump of a man finds the errors of his life and proceeds to fix it. This story is a story that has been told throughout the years and past down as a tradition. Charles Dickens told this story from 1843; this story sold over six thousand copies in one week. Romantic Age Art The art from the Romantic Age was based on emotion, adventure, nature, common life experiences, and imagination. John Constable was known for teaching artists to use their imagination when drawing their pictures. ...read more.


Though his Theory of Evolution wasn't new, it was the most detailed at the time. "The affinities of all the beings of the same class have sometimes been represented by a great tree. I believe this simile largely speaks the truth. The green and budding twigs may represent existing species; and those produced during each former year may represent the long succession of extinct species." (Darwin,1859, Darwin) The leading proponent of the back to nature movement that characterizes the Romantic Movement was William Wordsworth (1770-1850). He claimed that Nature could restore to human beings their untainted, childhood sense of wonder. (Fiero, 1992) Literature The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a story of terror and spookiness. This is the perfect Halloween tale; tale of a headless horseman killing and cutting off the heads of his victims. This story takes place in 1790 a town called Terry Town, New York. William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge produced the Lyrical Ballads which was prefaced by words from Wordsworth stating that romantic poetry was "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings from emotion recollected in tranquility" (Fiero G., 1992, book 5 p. ...read more.

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