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Analyse the factors that influence the interaction undertaken (D2)

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Analyse the factors that influence the interaction undertaken (D2) Factors that influenced the interaction undertaken Where:- The individuals preferred language In this case the preferred language style was to speak to the children more on their level without using words they don't understand or personal jargon that only I understood. This was a positive influence on communication as I was able to do this effectively as I didn't have to change the language I use jus use simpler terms witch I did without even noticing as I knew I was communicating with children. As I have younger nieces of the same age range I was able to do this effectively from using the same approach. Personality In this case the personality communication effectors were based on the personality of a child. Because young children are more difficult to maintain focus and concentration, going about creating effective communication was more complex as I had to devise strategies to go about. Were as an adult would be easier as their concentration levels would be higher and more controlled. To be able to tackle this being aware of the way children behave is an advantage so more practice with interacting with children in a younger age range would improve my understanding on the way to communicate with children effectively and also become easier. Environment During the group activity environmental noise way a key area that affected communication. ...read more.


Noise This was an negative aspect on the group communication as the noise came from outside of the group from other children within the class room witch distracted me from concentration on my group when listening to feedback and also distracted the children in my group as they were looking round to see what the children in the rest of the class was doing. This could off been improved by changing the environment by asking to us another room. Seating This was a positive influence within the communication as I chose to sit at the same level as the children both in the one to one communication and group communication which was sitting down on chairs. As from previous studies about proximity I knew this would be a good way to show the children I am at the same level as them and make them feel more relaxed and comfortable when speaking to me as If I chose to stand up this could have made me more intimidating. In the group activity I chose to seat the children round on a table. This made it easier for me to see all children at the same time and bought more focus within the group activity. This gave less chance for me to have any child go unnoticed and for all children to see me properly removing communication barriers. ...read more.


Encoding Here in both one-to-one and group interaction encoding was used as I considered the fact that children will have a less understanding to concepts and words then me. So I used a more simple style of language informal at times to relate the children's ways of thinking. Transmitting This was used as transmitting is the when a person is putting across information to another. In this case I transmitted the information I needed to get across orally in both one-to-one and group communications. Receiving and decoding Usually when we receive a information we are interpreting and storing this information and don't usually the respond until the speaker has finished but as my aim was to create an effective communication between myself and the children during my activities I asked frequent questions to make sure the children was understanding each part of each activity. Due to this I knew throughout the activities the children were decoding the information I was presenting to them. Responding Throughout the two interactions I received responses from the children as I was asking question to each child to encourage responses made by them. Not only this once the children became more comfortable they began to respond themselves by asking about the characters in the book in the group communication and in the one-to-one the child was asking me for help in some of the spellings that was difficult. As I learned the concept of the communication cycle before my interaction practices it influence me in being more aware of how I could improve communication during the group interaction. ...read more.

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