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Brand Building and Loyalty in Emerging Economics

Extracts from this document...


[Brand Building and Loyalty in Emerging Economics] By [Author's Name] [Faculty Name] [Department or School Name] [Month Year] ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would first like to express my gratitude for my research supervisor, colleagues, and peers and family whose immense and constant support has been a source of continuous guidance and inspiration. DECLARATION I [type your full first names & surname here], declare that the following dissertation/thesis and its entire content has been an individual, unaided effort and has not been submitted or published before. Furthermore, it reflects my opinion and take on the topic and is does not represent the opinion of the University. Signature: Dated: ABSTRACT In this study we try to explore the concept of Brand building and loyalty in emerging economies in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on the multinational companies. The research also analyses many aspects of brand building and tries to gauge its effect in the multi national companies. The study focuses on the case of Huawei Technologies Limited and the industry in which multinationals operate. Finally the research describes various factors which are responsible for the brand loyalty and building in emerging markets, the multinational companies and mainly focusing on the Huawei Technologies Ltd. TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT iv CHAPTER 1: PROPOSAL OUTLINE vi Aims and Objectives vi Problem Definition vi Research Questions vii Proposed Literature Review vii Proposed Methodology xi CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW xiii The Brand Identity Strategy xiii Evaluating the Brand Reality xv Brand Building in the Real World xvi Huawei Technologies Limited xxii CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY xxvii Case Studies xxvii Semi-Structured Interviews xxix Secondary Research xxxiv REFERENCES xxxvi CHAPTER 1: PROPOSAL OUTLINE Aims and Objectives The aim of the study is to investigate the dynamics of brand building and loyalty in the emerging economies and to analyze the industry in which multinationals operate. This study will evaluate the branding implication for various segments of these companies in context of industry life cycle and appraise critically the relevant brand building framework for multinational corporations operating in the emerging economies. ...read more.


They work within the parameters of their brand's identity. They monitor all the parts, and know how all the parts fit. They are evangelistic about the brand's identity. And they control and manipulate brand contacts with ruthless attention to detail (Gupta 2008 342). From its beginning, Nike has been driven by self-imposed performance standards and run by iconoclasts preoccupied with determining their own fate. Power is the company's inspiration, and the source of that power emanates from a remarkable brand identity- performance with an attitude. This performance positioning and individualistic personality translate into an identity that promotes "whatever it takes for an individual to achieve what that individual has set as his or her goal"-a strong place for any brand to be in this age of renewed individualism. The Nike people never stop thinking about what their brand is, has been, and can be. Finally, Nike has proven that success in brand building requires unbridled passion for the essence of the brand (Holt 2010 68). P&G, a $30 billion giant, operating in 54 countries, is an enterprise that essentially invented the brand management concept in the 1950s, and has successfully marketed leading brands on almost every supermarket aisle. When it ran up against the cyclical developments of the economy, P&G was flexible enough to send out new positioning prompts to consumers, altering its brands' identities from premium quality/premium priced to premium quality/ valued priced (Jones 2007 145). Case II-One Old, One New, One Blue South-western Bell, Saturn, and Burger King demonstrate that in today's hostile market, success depends more on the sturdiness of identity than on the age of the brand. When South-western Bell realized that their Yellow Pages directories had been thrown into highly competitive, unregulated environments, with little to differentiate them, they set out to create a new brand identity. They brought the positioning to life in an unlikely acronym "Swbyp's" (pronounced Swa' bips) ...read more.


However, since much interview work is conducted with disadvantaged groups in society, there are more subtle ethical considerations over issues of power, control, and the uses to which data are put. In most instances, the researcher has the most control over the content and ultimate trajectory of interviews and particularly what is interpreted from them. This can create tensions between interpretations that are intended for more academic audiences and those that serve to more directly address the problems of the group(s) being studied. Such issues are most keenly debated among feminist and participatory action researchers and between them and other types of less action-oriented interview practitioners. Secondary Research This research focused on the collection of secondary data. The extraction of data has been done from a number of sources like articles, journals, internet publications and books. Secondary research aims at gathering information through different mediums like broadcast media, literature, publications and other kinds of sources that are categorized as non-human. This particular genre of research doesn't involve and kind of human subjects. There is more subjectivity involved with the qualitative research pattern in comparison to the quantitative research methods. The qualitative methods have more room for collection of information and data in terms of both the secondary aspects and the primary ones. As mentioned earlier, this particular study is based over the secondary methods, so the research will be of an exploratory and open-ended nature. The qualitative research is usually less expensive if compared with the quantitative researches and is more effective in terms of information acquisition. Qualitative methods are the right method of choice, particularly when the information cannot be collected with the quantitative measurements. Literature Search The relevance of the research topic and the publication year has been the criteria for the selection of appropriate literature. The usage of public, private and the online libraries has been made for the collection of the most valid available information. A few online databases for the gathering of data accessed are: Questia, Proquest, Pheonix, Ebsco and so on. ...read more.

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