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BTEC Buisness Effective People Communication Pass 3

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Paul Allen Effective People Communications Forms of Communication Electronic Forums of Communication Email This is one of the most common forms of electronic communication in business it is instant messaging and is an accurate form of contact it is an electronic letter sends through the internet to electronic addresses. An example of a business that uses this would be S.W.C lecturers communicate with each other and to students through this. S.M.S Short Message Service (SMS) is a communications protocol allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobiles. This would not be so common in businesses it is a more social way rather than professional way to stay in contact but employees may talk to each other through this method of communication. Fax A telecopying device that electronically transmits written or graphic material over telephone lines to produce "hard copy" at a remote location. ...read more.


* Feedback exchange (Computerised telecommunications allow for a virtually simultaneous exchange of information and responses). Disadvantages * Volume of transmitted data (The volume of tele communicated information is increasing at such a fast rate that business personnel are unable to absorb it within the relevant time limits). * Costs (Tele communicated messages have billing premiums placed upon them to pay for the enormous development and hardware investments made nationally and internationally. However, the cost of fax, telex, and communication modems etc is falling rapidly in an expanding market). * Legal implications (Words printed on paper at source still have a legal currency that a faxed message does not). * Instant delivery (The almost instant delivery of LAN / WAN email messages etc can cause upsets if messages are composed in anger and then irretrievable after being sent). www.revision-notes.co.uk Non Electronic Forms of Communications Letters This would be used for business to keep in contact with other companies to arrange meetings or other events. ...read more.


Also customers gossip about businesses and there experiences so it is important to provide good customer service. Memorandum A memorandum would be used frequently in businesses to arrange team meetings maybe office parties and so on. They would be left on the table of employee or more often left in the staff room. Advantages * Visual information can be included in some forms which is important as you can feedback there and then when you tell some one something face to face. * In a letter a written record of the message will be kept * Can increase staff morale and provide a good working environment. Disadvantages * In some forms it can take a while for the message to be delivered or can be inaccurately delivered. * There is no guarantee that the message has been received until you receive feedback. * In some cases there is not 100% security is a business is sending a letter containing secret business details as it may get lost in the post or addressed wrong. ...read more.

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