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Career Options

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Lace Project: Career Paths Pilot Job description: Pilot fast-jet, multi-engine or rotary-wing aircraft. Pay after training: �31,900 Joining age: 17.5 - 23 Category: Officers Usual service: 12 years Open to: men or women Similar civilian jobs: * Commercial airline pilot * Pilot trainer * Commercial helicopter pilot Qualifications: 5 GCSEs/SCEs and 2 A-levels or 3 Highers or equivalent. GCSEs/SCEs at Grade C/3 minimum to include English language and maths Nationality: British citizen since birth or holder of dual British/other nationality The job Your role as a pilot in the RAF is as varied as the aircraft you can fly. Once you've completed initial training, you'll be selected to fly jets, larger multi-engine aircraft or helicopters. As the pilot of a Eurofighter Typhoon, your primary role will be air-to-air combat or ground attack. In a Hercules transport aircraft, you could be sent anywhere in the world on military support or humanitarian aid missions. In a helicopter your duties might include anything from search and rescue flights to ferrying troops and equipment into combat zones. After your initial training, you'll then receive further training on the aircraft type you've been assigned to, then start getting to grips with using that aircraft in your day-to-day job. Sponsorship We may be able to invest in your future by funding your studies until you're ready to start training as a Pilot. ...read more.


My life 'I know friends and family who've struggled to find out what it is they want to do in life, but for me, the fact that the RAF combines the outdoor life with plenty of challenges in the workplace makes it the best of both worlds.' Weapon Systems Operator (Crewman) Job description: Work in search and rescue in our coastal and mountain regions or deliver troops and supplies safely around the world. Pay after training: �32,700 Joining age: 17.5 - 32 Category: NC Aircrew Usual service: 12 years Open to: men or women Similar civilian jobs: * Search and Rescue Crewman * Paramedic * Airline Cabin Crew * Ship's Bursar Qualifications: 5 GSCEs/SCEs at (Grade C/3 minimum) or equivalent to include English language, maths, and a physics-based science subject Nationality: British citizen since birth or holder of dual British/other nationality The job Weapon Systems Operators (Crewman) plan for the freight - supplies or personnel, weapons, relief packages or a medical team - to be loaded, carried and unloaded from aircraft quickly and safely. You may also have an important role on the flight deck, offering hands-on assistance and information to the pilots. For some missions, you could be trained to operate the aircraft's defence systems. During your training, your skills and the RAF's needs determine whether you work on rotary wing aircraft (helicopters) ...read more.


Dog handlers are employed by police forces, HM Revenue and Customs, fire and rescue services, the Armed Forces, prison services, industrial and commercial companies and private security companies. Many handlers in private security are self-employed and are hired by security companies. Some organisations, like police forces, HM Revenue and Customs, fire and rescue services and prison services, only select their dog handlers from people already working for them. Academic qualifications are not required to become a dog handler in private security. The Armed Forces do not specify any qualifications, but most applicants have GCSEs/S grades including English and maths. Training varies between different organisations, but it usually lasts several weeks. Handlers in private security may train in a range of security work. Promotion is possible in the police, the Armed Forces, HM Revenue and Customs, fire and rescue services and prison services. Dog handlers in private security may become supervisors or managers. They may also set up their own security firms Career Choices Pilot Weapons Systems Operator (Crewman) Dog Handler Training Period 30 weeks + Few months specialist training 9 weeks + 10 weeks specialist training 9 weeks Entry Qualifications 5 G.C.S.E's 2 A-Levels 5 G.C.S.E's 2 G.C.S.E's Pay (After One Year) �31,900 �32,700 �15,600 Pro's Childhood dream success Get to work with dogs Con's Could be killed in action Could be killed in action Resources: http://www.careersa-z.co.uk/ R.A.F careers office & booklets http://www.connexions-direct.com/jobs4u/index.cfm?pid=62&catalogueContentID=627 ...read more.

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