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Cassius Clay - analogy

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Hannah Davis Mr. Jim Cassey English 11- Mod 4 Is it ever a wonder how some people are naturally good at sports? Many people can and will struggle their whole lives to become and amazing athlete; furthermore, to earn the title as "The Greatest." Then, there are the other people who are just born that way. In the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles, the character Finny can be described as one of those natural born athletes. He can do just about any physical activity he sets his mind to. Finny, an amazing athlete, can be compared to some in real life: Cassius Clay, more commonly known as Muhammad Ali, who took an almost dead sport and made it his career and his life. The specific intent of this paper is to present an analogy between Finny and Cassius Clay. I Finny was depicted in the novel as an amazing athlete. A1 For example, he was very good at sports. Finny broke the school swim record, which was set by A. Hopkins Parker in 1940. 3 He had an odd feeling that he could beat Parker's record, and he did. ...read more.


The boys at Devon high school went along with the game. 4 If they did something wrong, Finny would stop and correct them; they would learn from their mistakes. "Stop, stop!" cried Finny. "Now Leper has just brought out a really important fine point of the game. The receiver can refuse a pass if he happens to choose to. Since we're all enemies, we can and will turn on each other all the time. We call that the Lepelliar Refusal." What made Finny a phenomenal leader was his ability to gain followers. People cannot lead if there is no one to follow them. It is always a great ability if a person can gain someone's trust. The ability to talk his way out of things and being a leader and gaining followers- these are two characteristics of Finny that made him a good leader. II Cassius Clay Jr., commonly known as Muhammad Ali, was an amazing athlete just like Finny. 1A For example, he was a professional American boxer. 1 Cassius's career began when he was 12 years old. 3 Joe E. Martin, a Louisville police officer, found Cassius fuming over his stolen bike and directed Cassius toward boxing. ...read more.


On June 28th, 1971, the Supreme Court reversed his conviction for refusing induction by unanimous decision. It was amazing how Ali stood up for his religious beliefs, even though it cost him his title and career. 2 Everything he had worked for was taken away in the blink of an eye; but he didn't give in and won the support of thousands. "I believe in the religion if Islam. I believe in Allah and peace." Standing up for his religious beliefs- this is an example of how Muhammad Ali was a great leader. In conclusion, Finny was outstanding at sports; he was the best. He broke the school swim record, and he was the best athlete at Devon High School. Cassius Clay was also fantastic at sports. He was an all American boxer and won many awards. Finny and Clay were also great leaders. Finny was able to talk his way out of anything, which gained him respect and followers. Clay helped bring back a dead sport by trying his hardest and becoming the greatest. At the end of the day, both Finny and Clay knew that they had to do what felt right, even if that meant taking some risks. Clay said it best when he said, "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." ...read more.

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