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crime and its effects on society

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Task 2(P4,P5,P6) Victim support This is a registered charity, and it focuses on things like helping victims of crime, this could be emotional support or practical tasks, helping with insurance or compensation claims. This charity gets support from the police, because when something has happened then the police could refer them to the charity, and they also get funding from the government. So the victim support group need the police to notify them of people who may need there help. The police don't refer everybody to victim support so some people don't get help. The witness service The witness service is there to give you the most comfortable experience as possible when you are giving evidence at court. This service was created in 1989, and it is also managed by the same service I have just talked about above. (Victim Support) In every crown court in England and Wales there is a witness service and it has several roles: * They have a role to provide information on courtroom procedure to witnesses. * They also have the role to accompany witnesses into the court room. * Also to help a reassure victims and witnesses. When witnesses have to give evidence they could become scared or frightened, but if nobody gave evidence then prosecutions would fail and then offenders would be able to get away with anything and then walk free. ...read more.


* Also because of cross-border and international crime, and the need to align Britain with Europe in the fight against crime. Crime and disorder act 1998. This law deals with a variety of types of crime all of which are related to antisocial and also disorderly behaviour on the streets. All these acts and strategies come under the crime and disorder act 1998. Now I am going to talk about the theft act 1968. This is the most common of all recorded crimes, and this act (the theft act) deals with the problem. The theft act 1968 states that a person is guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it. Then the act says what the maximum prison sentence is for the different kinds of theft. Theses are the main ones: * for Blackmail you can get 14 years also. * If you commit robbery, then you could get 14 years * For theft you could get seven years * Also for burglary you could get life depending on the circumstance's Since 1968 some changes have been made through the police and criminal evidence act 1984, the criminal justice act 1991, the aggravated vehicle act 1992 and the youth justice and criminal evidence act 1999. So this means that although the date of the act is 1968 the act is still also being updated and kept up to date. ...read more.


Antisocial behaviour order (ASBO) The crime and disorder act 1998 says that antisocial behaviour is behaviour which causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to people. Antisocial behaviour can include many things such as: * Begging * Criminal damage * Drug dealing * Vandalism * Graffiti * Gang behaviour * Racial abuse * Joyriding These orders are intended to control the nuisance elements in a community to improve the quality of life for all the other residents. These asbo orders last for two years and they contain certain conditions which must be obeyed, this could have to stay out of certain areas. If you disobey the conditions of your ASBO then you could face up to five years in prison. Parenting orders These orders were created by the crime and disorder act in order to combat poor parenting being responsible for youth offending. They are applied for by the local council or local education authorities and granted by the courts if a child has committed a criminal offence, played truant or have behaved in a antisocial way. There parents might have to go to parenting classes and make sure their child goes to school and does not get into further trouble. These orders can last up to a year and they can also be extended to cover children who behave badly at school. Parents can also be fined up to a maximum of �1000 and can also be sent to prison. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel white Crime and its effects ...read more.

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