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Crime and why young adults turn to crime

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Essay Plan Topic - Crime and why young adults turn to crime Intro - My intro as to what I'm going to cover and my findings Points to cover - 1) Early signs of criminal behaviour. * What type of crime do they commit? * How do they act? 2) Social background / Environment * Where do they commit these crimes? * Are they gang related? 3) Family Structure * What are their circumstances like at home? * Are the parents involved in crime? * Is there any history of abuse in the family? * Is money an issue within the family? 4) Available help * Is there enough help available? * Who can they turn to? * How can we help them? Crime and why young adults turn to crime Introduction How much do we really understand about crime and what are the reasons behind young adults turning to crime. The following essay tries to gain an insight into how and why young potential criminals come to commit crime, their family structure, the types of the crimes they commit and the pressures of being a young adult within a community both big or small. ...read more.


There social environment contributes greatly as this is the place they hang around in groups / gangs therefore peer pressure is there. They feel they have to impress the other gang members. This is also a breeding ground for violence towards similar gangs within their community. This leads to crimes such as shootings and knife crimes which sometimes lead to death, mugging, car theft, vandalism, burglary's and often rape. Most families that live on council housing estates are on benefits and most are out of work due to ill health, being a single parent with young children. Living on benefits does not mean that all the families are trouble. There are some families that like to keep themselves to themselves. Each and every household has family issues both good and bad. More often than not children that come from single parent families turn to crime. The young men in the family tend to take on the role of the father figure and will often lack behind in education and will take on a job that might not have any career prospects. ...read more.


When they have built up a good relation with a confider it's important to maintain it. Young adults have trouble trusting the police therefore see them as a threat. But in some cases the police officers do go to the youth centres to have chats with the young adults as a group. It is also made aware that there are other options out there. A lot of young offenders become councillors later in life especially if they have served some time in prison. Conclusion It is vital that we find out the young adults background as early as we possibly can, this way we can try and tackle crime head on. Understanding young adults is not an easy task and we will probably never come to fully understand them but we can try and turn a bad situation into a good situation. Yes they need to be aware that they are fully accountable for their own actions and should be dealt with accordingly and along with the punishment there should be sufficient rehabilitation programmes that will boost their moral and help them proceed in their future. ...read more.

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