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Current affares

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Btec National Diploma in Uniformed Public Services Unit. Citizenship, contemporary society and the public services. Current Affairs Introduction Nearly everyone in the world has access to one type of media or another whether it is radio, television, newspapers or the internet. Some types of media are truly independent and they try to report situations in an independent way showing all possible viewpoints but most media tends to report issues with a particular bias. Most media requires the public to buy it. Some media is paid for by wealthy people who want to use it for their own gain. The media is often biased because it is targeted at the particular audience who pay for it and want to hear news that matches their own views. Media that is funded by wealthy people present issues to people to reflect their own views which in turn is aimed at making them even more wealthy or to change society to make it the way they want. The media is extremely powerful in today's society. It can change the way people see important issues and in doing so can create a groundswell of public opinion that can influence people in authority. Individual peoples' opinions are often not taken into account but when lots of people get together they can have an astounding effect, for example when women won the vote. ...read more.


The report says that "jailers" (Prison Officers) are claiming the right to strike by forming a case against the government under the EU Treaty. The Ministers say that the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights does not give the prison service new rights. It puts the point that Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, will lose face because he is promoting the EU treaty but the Prison Officers will use it against him. The article also talks about the Prison Officers Associated building a war chest to fund legal actions, setting the scene for a big fight ahead. BBC News 7/1/2008 The BBC News is transmitted over the radio and television but they also have a web site for people to read and comment on. It is funded by the government from peoples' taxes but its rules say it must report all the news fairly and without bias. It is news targeted for the general public. It therefore gives information that is informative and understandable to the average person. The report given about the prison strike ban, not only contains quotes from other people but video and audio interviews. The report sees both sides of the augment from Jack Straw and the Prison Service. The article shows the seriousness of the problem to the country and contrasts it with the situation in Scotland where a no-strike deal is still in force. ...read more.


Issue 2 The Ministry of justice is introducing a strike ban on the prison service. The prison service may see this as the robbing of their right to strike. They may also feel that they are being treated the same as the police service. They may also feel that the government no longer trusts the prison service and that the government don't have the recourses available in the event of a strike. The strike ban has not been put in place so the prison service may strike while they still can. I believe that the government may be planning to cut prison service pay rises just like the police service. The passing of a strike ban is to ensure that they, like the police, can't strike. I believe it is a bad idea to pass a strike ban because many see it as a civil right. Issue 3 The BBC announced that prisons are becoming over crowded. Therefore the government is planning on building three new supper sized prisons. This will open more job opportunities in the prison service, which in turn will require more training staff. Most of this training staff will either be former prison officers or former police officers. In my opinion I think that this announcement emphasises the fact that crime levels are increasing. It also emphasizes the fact that some criminals can't be held long in police cells because some prisons are full. ?? ?? ?? ?? Matthew Woolley Unit 3 Assignment 2 6th February 2008 Page 1 ...read more.

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