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Custodial Care

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Custodial Care - Assignment 3 Behaviour and Relationships in Custody Task 1 In a prison there are many different types of internal and external relationships. If there were not any internal or external relationships prisoners may become vulnerable and very lonely leading to more serious things. External Friends and Family - This is arguably the most important external relationship, this is because they can offer the prisoner emotional and moral support. Most family and friends will be by your side through the ups and downs of life, which for a prisoner is a very important and reassuring thing to know. Employers - It is also important for a prisoner to try and have a good external relationship with any previous employers, so that they still have a second chance and can start fresh in their job. It is also up to employers whether they want to give any people that have been in prison a fresh job opportunity. ...read more.


It is important because it can create a safer and more friendly environment throughout the whole prison, which will hopefully mean that prison guards do not have to resort to physical control over the prisoners when it comes to things such as security checks, maintaining order, searching procedures and supervising prisoners. There are also prison councillors that a prisoner may come into contact with, they are given the opportunities to gain qualifications within the prison to help them get a job when they have done their sentence. Also if prisoners are well behaved and have shown a good sign of maturity, they will be given the opportunity to leave the prison early before the whole sentence is finished. This will also mean that when they get out the community they will live in will become a safer place. Task 2 Offending behaviour in custody can be addressed in many different ways, it is important to try and address this behaviour as when they are a risk to the society. ...read more.


Programmes specifically targeting violent and sexual offenders: Cognitive Self Change Programme (CSCP) is a programme which targets high risk violent offenders and includes group and individual sessions. Its aims to give prisoners skills which will help them control their violence. It is aimed at offenders with a history of violent behaviour and is suitable for those whose violence is reactive. Healthy Relationships Programme (HRP) The HRP programme is designed for men who have either been convicted of or admit to abusive and violent behaviour in the home and who have been assessed as a risk of being violent towards their partner The Chromis programme is a complex and intensive programme that aims to reduce violence in high risk offenders whose level is compared to that of a psychopath. Chromis has been specifically designed to meet the needs of highly psychopathic individuals and provides participants with the skills to reduce and manage their risk. Sex Offender Treatment Programmes (SOTP) there are a range of programmes that are available for sexual offenders, there is a menu which is offered according to the level of risk and need of the offender. ...read more.

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