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Distinguish between direct and representative democracy

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Distinguish between direct and representative democracy Direct and representative democracies have significant differences thus making it easy to distinguish them from each other. The term 'direct democracy' is considered the purest form of democracy, it involves the citizens becoming much more educated and informed therefore they can make their own judgements. It avoids decisions being made by representatives purely in their own interests meaning decisions made directly by the people carry more authority. ...read more.


Disadvantages that occur in direct democracy means that when quick decisions need to be made it often takes longer as the process of involving the people needs to be included. An example of a direct democracy is the USA, as it has the bill of rights which reads down all the rules that being in a direct democracy requires. Britain however is in a representative democracy, where decisions are made mostly by the government and not the people. ...read more.


It is almost certain that a very different outcome would prevail if direct democracy was used instead. In conclusion direct and representative democracy mainly differs in the inclusion of the people, including citizens in decision making can either make or break a government. I do not have a preference to one or another as both have their pros and cons. meaning while some people may prefer to make decisions for themselves others might feel that we should just let the government take control and make the choices for us. Jessica Gruet ...read more.

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