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Effective Practice in safeguarding Children within a Multidisciplinary Approach.

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ASSESSMENT B THE ESSAY In this essay I will be discussing my chosen topic which is Effective Practice in safeguarding Children within a Multidisciplinary Approach. I will talk about the history, policies and legislations in safeguarding children. I will go on to demonstrate how child abuse and neglect have an impact on children's learning and development. The work of theories in connection to child abuse will be mentioned. I will also demonstrate how to plan appropriately within the context of an early year's curriculum and how to respond to child protection concerns. I shall go on to talk about the practitioners role in identifying and assessing children's welfare, and protection needs as well as the decision making within a multidisciplinary network. I will then talk about partnership with parents and carers in promoting children's welfare. I will conclude by demonstrating my knowledge about the role of practitioners in the decision making process in safeguarding the welfare of children. "Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children- and in particular protecting them from significant harm depends on effective joint working between agencies and expertise" Working Together to Safeguard Children (2006p33). Multidisciplinary agencies are professionals and practitioners in the field of health, welfare and education. They all have different roles to play in safeguarding and protecting children and families from any abuse, ill health and treatment. These professionals are G.Ps, Health visitors, Social Workers, Teachers, Nursery Nurses, Physiotherapist, the Police and a many more. ...read more.


confirms the above findings. He theorised that very low self esteem and low level of involvement at school will be displayed by children who have experienced abuse. His research also confirms cases of drug abuse, violent crime and aggressive behaviour can affect children's behaviour. Practitioners therefore have a responsibility in safeguarding the welfare needs of children. Ongoing observations and records may reveal a pattern which might cause a suspicion or concern. Many families try to bring up children in an environment where basic needs are met and protection from harm is ensured. However stress as well can have an impact on the well-being of children. Research proves that such sources of stress are domestic violence, mental illness of a parent or carer, alcohol and drug abuse, poverty and social exclusion. In order to safeguard children's welfare, practitioners should be alert and respond appropriately to child protection concerns. They should be aware of the different forms of abuse disclosures such as "A full disclosure, a partial disclosure, a direct disclosure and an indirect disclosure". Tassoni, (1999p223) et al. Practitioners should listen to children and be able to maintain and create calm and trusting attitude towards these disclosures in order to avoid the disclosure being distorted. It is the role of the practitioner to plan appropriately across the curriculum for the well-being and welfare of the children in their care, taking into consideration the age, ability and the level of development of the children. ...read more.


Dealing with child abuse cases can be distressing for practitioners. They should be careful not to be involved emotionally, as it can damage their relationship with the child and the parent. However they can help these children in dealing with the trauma by providing activities such as painting, drawing and malleable materials in order to express their feelings. Other ways that children can be helped is through play therapy. It "is a way of helping troubled children cope with their distress" Cattanach (2003p24) Children and their families can have support and protection from other voluntary organisations such as the Kidscape, Child line, HCH Action for children and the NSPCC. In this essay, I have looked at many areas of child protection. I have considered legislations on the Children's Act and the impact of abuse on children and the family. I have also considered the significance of cultural context in children's welfare and protection needs. I have discussed the role of the practitioner in responding appropriately to children's welfare, in the context of the early year's curriculum, as well as the role of the practitioner in the decision-making process within a multi-disciplinary network. I conclude this essay by saying that effective practice in safeguarding children really depends on a multi-disciplinary approach. All these professionals work jointly and collaborate in safeguarding children in need and their families by sharing information, assessing situation, intervening appropriately and reviewing outcomes. Victoria Climbie's death was seen as a 'wake up call' for practitioners and professionals who are supposed to be safeguarding and protecting children's welfare. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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