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Electronics Microcontroller (PICAXE) Project

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Microcontroller Project Aim: To program a PICAXE microcontroller to mimic a traffic light sequence, complete with pedestrian crossing lights (and trigger switch). This could be used to control a set of pedestrian lights. Output Ports Binary 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 Connected Output n/a n/a n/a Pe. G Pe. R Tr. R Tr. A Tr. G Key: "Tr." represents traffic, "Pe." represents pedestrian. For example, the denary number "31" would translate to the byte "00011101" and would then transfer to the eight outputs, so all connected outputs would be high (and therefore lit) apart from the amber light for traffic. The binary number represents one of two logic states - 0 or 1. The three most significant bits of these bytes can be ignored for this program as they are not used. Circuit Operation This circuit emulates a traffic light sequence. - The "let pins = 9" command transfers the byte "00001001" to the 8 output pins, which lights the LEDs traffic green, and pedestrian red. - The "wait 60" command makes the program wait 60 seconds before moving on to the next instruction. ...read more.


"let pins = 4" transfers the byte "00000100" to the outputs, i.e. all are off bar the traffic red. 2. "pause 600" waits 600 milliseconds before continuing. 3. "let pins = 20" transfers the byte "00010100" to the outputs again, turning the pedestrian green back on. 4. "pause 600" then waits another 600 milliseconds before continuing. 5. "let b0 = b0 - 1" subtracts one from the value stored in the register b0 each time it is executed. This then loops back up to the above decision diamond, and the loop is executed until b0 = 0, i.e. when the green pedestrian light has flashed on and off 5 times - this is a safety precaution as it warns anybody on the crossing to hurry, and people approaching the crossing not to start doing so. - Now that b0 = 0, the instruction "let pins = 12" will be carried out, which again transfers the byte "00001100" to the outputs, keeping the traffic red but also turning the pedestrian red. - "wait 2" waits 2 seconds before running "let pins = 14", this is a safety precaution in case anybody did happen to be on the crossing. ...read more.


I then took quantitative measurements using a multimeter, so that I would be eligible for the further 2 marks on the mark scheme. The tables are done in terms of logic levels for simplicity and ease of comparison: "1" representing anything >4.9V, whereas "0" represents anything <0.1V. Here are my results: Predicted Output Byte Actual Output Byte "00001001" "00001001" "00001010" "00001010" "00001100" "00001100" "00010100" "00010100" "00000100" "00000100" "00010100" "00010100" "00001100" "00001100" "00001110" "00001110" I then had to test the timings of the circuit, to make sure that they were correct (as specified by my program). The timing results are below: Expected Time Delay (s) Actual Time Delay (s) 60 ~60 12 ~12 3 ~3 1 ~1 8 ~8 0.6 ~0.5 0.6 ~0.5 2 ~2 3 ~3 Results Analysis All of the actual output states for the 8 output pins matched exactly with the predicted output states, thus I believe the IC behaved as expected. This data supports my circuit operation. All timings are correct to �10%, apart from the 600 millisecond delay. However, this is acceptable as it is a smaller value, and therefore more susceptible to human error, as well as error caused by the sensitivity of the instrument. I believe that this data supports my circuit operation. Circuit Diagram Jake Beazley L6Ea Page 4 of 4 ...read more.

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