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Emergency Services Response

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Responding to Emergency Service Incidents Assignment 1 Police Emergency service incidents are graded by a selected public service control room. Emergency contact; this will result in an immediate emergency police response. For an immediate emergency police response the incident has to be or a risk of one of the following; * Danger to life * Use or threat of use of violence * Serious injury to a person * Serious damage to property * It involves or is likely to involve serious personal injury * The road is blocked causing a serious build up in traffic Non-Emergency contact; a contact will be a classified as a non - emergency if all the things I have mentioned above are involved in the incident. This means that the police may not respond immediately, there are 3 levels of response for this type of call. Priority - The police will have to prioritise their work in the circumstances that; 1. There is a concern for somebody's safety 2. An offender has been detained 3. A witness or evidence is likely to be lost 4. At a road collision there are injuries or a serious obstruction 5. ...read more.


Fire The fire services three MAIN roles are; Dealing with fires, rescuing casualties, Dealing with hazardous loads. Dealing with fires - In the case of a fire, the best way to eliminate them is water as a fire needs three ingredients; fuel, heat and oxygen, water at high pressure suffocates the fire from oxygen, it also absorbs heat better then almost any chemical. Rescuing casualties - This is also a very important role of the fire service, and they break it down into steps; Step 1 is to stabilise the condition of the casualty, they can give them either painkillers or rehydrating them even before they are released in some situations. Step 2 is when the victim has been stabilised, they use their heavy duty tools, cutters and spreaders are used to try and free the victim. This can be very dangerous as for example the victim may have a broken back and in risk of being paralysed. Step 3 is to get the victim out of the car, then the ambulance service tend to take over. Dealing with hazardous chemicals - When things burn they can often leave harmful chemicals behind, they can not remove these until the causes of the incident have been investigated this is because investigators may have to take photographs and collect samples for evidence which may be later used in court. ...read more.


Also in the event of an accident this could lead to bad publicity and just serious problems in general for the rescue services. Public perception is also vital, when most people hear an emergency vehicle rushing to an incident they want to stay out the way and not delay their progress. Also when people see a police vehicle they normally tend to slow down, and want to drive as appropriately as possible. It is also vital for the police to try and set a suitable standard that the public can follow. These are the standards that the emergency drivers have to try and follow; Basic - This is to fulfil a patrol function within the constraints of the Highway Code. Standard - This is extending basic training to include emergency response to include emergency response driving, night response driving and attitudinal driving which basically teaches them to drive with the discipline required. It also includes a basic introduction to pursuit incidents and pursuit management. Advanced - This is achieving a high level of all round driver skills, high speed response driving and enabling pursuits, as a well as a full understanding of the effects of attitude associated stress. After this advanced training is completed to a suitable standard, the emergency response driver will now be allowed to go on any emergency calls if required. ...read more.

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