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Employment in the public services

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Unit 16- Uniformed public service and employment The Uniformed Services are split into two different categories, statutory and non-statutory. These services are there to protect the rights of people in this country and defend its borders. They are also put in place to save endangered lives by either fire or drowning in the sea. Statutory services are services that are paid for by the government through taxes, such as the police, fire and armed services. The law states that these services are to be set up. The non-statutory services are voluntary or private services and are not set up by law. Services such as the Red Cross and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution are non-statutory services. The funding needed for these services come from charitable donations from the public. The armed forces consist of: the R.A.F, the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines and the Army. The emergency services consist of: the police service, the fire service and the ambulance service. Other statutory services are: the prison service, Customs and Excise, and the Coast guard. Non-statutory services consist of: the Red Cross, Scouts, RSPCA, private prison officers, school crossing patrols, private security services and Royal National Lifeboat Institution. ...read more.


* To prevent crime * Investigate crimes * Attend and investigate major incidence * Work with the local community * Deal with accidents and/or emergencies * Join in anti terrorist activities * To be Keepers to the Queen Purpose of the police Although there are many sections to the police service, each section has the same purpose, to up hold the law and protect the rights of every person in their division. They are also there to make the public feel safe and secure. Other purposes are usually short term and given to them by the government. These objectives are usually to set out force plans and statements. This must be done whilst maintaining high standards in their work. Different police divisions state what their purposes and/or visions are. The Staffordshire police Our aims * Staffordshire Police strives to provide locally accountable highly visible and publicly accessible police services. * We work closely with local partner agencies to tackle community based problems and deliver the service the public of Staffordshire have asked for. They state... "Our vision is to create a "safer Staffordshire" by... * Reducing crime and the fear of crime * Promoting community safety and public disorder * Increasing public confidence in the justice system" Responsibilities of the police The police are responsible for their assigned area. ...read more.


This increases with each year of service. They also receive full pay for 6 months during sick leave or maternity leave Positive and negative aspects of the police service Police officers are generally respected throughout the general community. They receive good pay and are paid full sick leave and over time. They can work flexible hours and, depending on their length of service, a good pension scheme. A career in the police also opens a wide variety of different jobs in the police so employment in the police can go in any direction. As well as training for the different roles in the police, other courses are open such as computer courses, drawing courses etc. These courses can lead in promotion. A police officer can also request to move to a different division. This however can only be done after 2 years. There is however there is the fact that a police officer: * May be at risk of assault which could lead to injury or death. * May need to cope with difficult situations such as deaths, abuse of children etc * Needed to work long hours * The job could be tough and unpredictable * May find the job tough and unpredictable. ...read more.

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