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Explain the influences of a recent or emerging national policy development on organizational policy with regard to anti-discriminatory practice (M1)

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Explain the influences of a recent or emerging national policy development on organizational policy with regard to anti-discriminatory practice (M1) The Mental Health act 2005 is a recent policy that has been developed in health and social care services. The act its self has a positive influence on organizational polices as now people that have been recognized as having a mental health issue now have rights and procedures that protect their vulnerability when decisions are being made for them and opens the doors for the human rights to be promoted toward them as well. Also the five key principles within the act influence organization polices in a positive way Presumption of capacity This principle gives every adult the right to be considered capable unless proven otherwise. ...read more.


service user and protect them against discrimination when these decisions are being made making sure in the best interest of the service user. This prevents others from using discrimination towards service users with mental health issues as advocates would be up to date and trained with the recent polices of the mental health act and can promote them when decisions are being made. Adults retain the rights to make what my appear to others as unwise or eccentric decisions This right gives the right for people with mental health to have their decisions acknowledged as an individual. Their decisions may seem unwise and eccentric by others that have not got mental health issues but the person in question may think in different ways and understand their decisions they are making. ...read more.


This has a positive influence on the anti-harassment organisational policy as it protects individuals from being subjected to harassment through the carer's actions, therefore any actions taken are to benefit the patient. Also this implies to advocacy as anything they are supporting the individual should be also within best interest an no other agenda. Whatever is done must have the least restrictive impact on their basic rights and freedoms This procedure for the metal capacity act supports every way possible to try to maintain an individual's basic rights. this influences organizations to try to comply with human rights acts when caring for those with mental health issues, therefore giving them equal right that every other individual has a right to which supports them leading a normal life as possible. This also influences work practices as is demonstrates equality and rights. ...read more.

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