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Explain the significance of committees to the functioning of congress

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Explain the significance of committees to the functioning of congress The committees in congress play an important role in not only being the nerve centre of the legislative process, but also a way that a politician can further there career to move up to higher offices. There are a number of committees within congress, with the largest committees being House Transportation & Infrastructure, House Financial Services which are both committees of the House of Representatives. To be chair of these committees will show you have power within the House as you would have been elected in. Also with committees member will seek to get on a committees that are closest to the interests of their district or state, so when running for re- election they can show they done something for their area. ...read more.


The second function of congress is to conduct investigations within the committee's policy area. In the senate the committees have a third function is to begin the confirmation process of numerous presidential appointments areas like Senate's Judiciary and Foreign Relation committees. Selected committees are sometimes known as special or investigative committees. They are set up to investigation either dose not fall within the policy area of one standing committee or is likely to be so time- consuming that a standing committee would become tied up with, thus preventing the standing committee from fulfilling its other function. There have been a number of high- profile select committees such as Senate committee on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ...read more.


for scheduling of legislation on the House floor and report legislation to the floor of their respective chamber on behalf of the full committee. Chairing a congressional committee brings power, perks and publicity and for many this is the pinnacle of their congressional career. Committees play significance to the function of congress as much of Congress work is done in committee; standing committees perform important function in both legislative process and the investigation of the executive branch, in the Senate standing committees begin the confirmation process of presidential appointments, The House Rule Committee plays an import role prioritising bills in the House, conference committees may play an important role towards the end of the legislative process, select committees may play an important investigative role and seniority is still important in selecting committee chairs, though not the all- important factor it once was, so committees within in congress are significance. ...read more.

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