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fast food should not be criticized

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Fast food should not be criticized; it suits the pace of life today. Fast food in today's world is the most consumed food by people because it is prepared faster, is cheaper and easily available, but does it mean we put our health and environment that we live in, in jeopardy? Fast food is any food whose preparation time is less and can be served in a short period of time. Fast food has affected every sector from the economy to the environment. It has left no stone unturned and is gaining popularity even though the negative effects of fast food is more. We all know that today, specially in developed countries the pace of life has gotten extremely fast. The people have no free time and are always consumed by work. They are so busy that it is affecting their food habits. People want to eat food that are easily available and can be prepared the fastest. ...read more.


The scientist has also proved that the fast food is addictive as morphine and anything that is addictive is not good at all. So the people are most likely to over consume fast food which affects negatively to the physical health as well as mental health. When people of the country are unhealthy and sick then the country's economy will fall as the government would have to invest more money in the health sector and there will be a huge opportunity cost which has no profit at all. Fast food will also create an imbalance in the status of people. The rich people who has large sum of money and had invested in the fast food chains will make a huge profit whereas the middle class and poor people's earnings will fall into the investor's pocket. Another problem that fast food has effect on the economy is that the capitals which are collected from all the sales will go to the main headquarter of the chain. ...read more.


Because of the fast food chains not only the humans are suffering, mother earth is also falling victim to this increasing no of fast food restaurants. The waste materials disposed from fast food restaurants mostly contain plastics. We all know that plastics are not bio degradable. Foods stuffs given out from the restaurants are all raped in the so many plastic covers. Tons of wastes are produced each year by only fast food chains. As they are not biodegradable there is nothing we can do about it. Other waste like the smokes which come out while preparing fast food is also quite toxic and is polluting the air. So what is fast food doing to the earth and its people is quite clear. Fast food is causing nothing but harm to the society, health of the people and the environment but still we crave for a hamburger. Have we all already been victimized? This is the questions we should all ask ourselves. Fast food what is it doing to us and do we want it to be so. ?? ?? ?? ?? Pragyan Shrestha GP 2 10th March 2008 ...read more.

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