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Film which Parodies-King Arthur

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Soshiance Yavari #1644167 English-101 Lindsay Parker Monty Python's Knights Since King Arthur's supposed existence and reign during the early 6th century, there has seldom been a king who has ruled England with nearly as much lore and history surrounding his exploits. Directed by Jones and Gilliam, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a satirical depiction of Arthurian legend in which Graham Chapman parodies the character of King Arthur of Camelot. He searches for the Holy Grail along with the Knights of the Round Table he assembles to aid him during his journey. The film parodies the era it takes place in, from aspects as grim as the Black Plague, accusations of witchcraft, the repression of peasants and even topics as good natured as the rescue of damsels in distress and preserving one's chastity. Throughout their ordeals the men comically skewer clich�s of knighthood and chivalry and life in medieval England. At the onset of his quest, King Arthur converses with a peasant named Dennis foraging in the mud. Unlike the vast majority of uneducated and illiterate peasants of their time, Dennis has an extensive comprehension of the political systems and repression of the poor. ...read more.


More often than not, their reactions to the circumstances possess none of the valour and gallantry that has come to be associated with knights. At the onset of their quest, King Arthur and his company arrive at a castle occupied by a group of humorously hostile French guards who claim they have a Holy Grail of their own. The amusing exchange between Arthur and the French guards escalate as the insults, "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!" are accompanied by a cow that is shot out of a catapult. The resulting battle is chaotic, but brief as both King Arthur and the knights yell words which would eventually become a recurring saying, "Run Away! Run Away!" A backup "Trojan Rabbit" plan is devised by the wise Sir Bedevere, only that it is mistakenly not occupied and unexpectedly catapulted by the French, back at the knights. The actions of King Arthur and his acclaimed Knights of the Round Table satirize the prowess and courtliness that is supposedly inherent in a knight's action. ...read more.


Upon discovering the identity of the "damsel", Herbert and being introduced to his father, Lancelot subdues his sudden wrath. Instead of being hailed as the traditional heroic knight who brings salvation, John Cleeses' portrait of Lancelot is meant to evoke the opposite interpretation in his farce performance. The chronicled adventures of King Arthur of Camelot and his Knights of the Round Table, especially in their pursuit for the Holy Grail will endure as long as their names are remembered. Their existence will be debated as long as there is air to breathe and it is ironically fitting that the knights of Monty Python never achieve their goal of attaining the Holy Grail. If King Arthur and his knights are meant to embody the chivalry and gallantry inherent in knighthood, then their ridiculous retinue can scarcely be said to exhibit these traits. The Monty Python company manage to amusingly satirize our traditional perceptions of knights rescuing damsels in distress, bedding consenting ladies and bravery in combat in almost every aspect. Jones and Gilliam successfully parody Medieval England to such an extent that the Bubonic Plague, persecution of women thought to be witches and repression of the impoverished, can only be regarded as intensely amusing. ...read more.

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