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How does Hosseini portray the relationship between Amir and his father in the first three chapters of the novel?

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How does Hosseini portray the relationship between Amir and his father in the first three chapters of the novel? In the first three chapters we get an introduction into the relationship between Amir and Baba. We see that Amir longs for his dad's affection and attention and Baba prefers to spend his time trying to look like he is a good man. An extract from the text that shows how Amir recognises that his father is not paying him any attention is page 13. "'I think I have saratan,' I said. Cancer. Baba lifted his head from the pages flapping in the breeze. Told me I could get the soda myself, all I had to do was look in the trunk of the car." This is written in first person, which makes the text more personal and creates a feeling of sympathy from the reader; this is necessary as then when we read about the incident in chapter it is then more of a contrast and shows how much Amir longs for his father's affection. ...read more.


In this extract of the text Hosseini is trying to show the distance between Amir and Baba by showing that Baba does not reply to the correct question that Amir has asked. He is starting to show how even though Amir long for his dad's affection he also realises that his father does not pay this attention to him at the moment. This relates to the whole novel as it is Amir's longing for his father's affection that leads to the incident in the alleyway as Hassan longs to please Amir just as Amir longs to please his Baba. Another extract from the text that highlights the relationship between Amir and Baba is also on page 13. "'Midway through the speech, the wind knocked off his hat and everyone laughed. He motioned to me to hold his hat for him and I was glad to, because then everyone would see that he was my father, my Baba. ...read more.


I was so proud of Baba, of us'. "' Baba heaved a sigh of impatience. That stung too, because he was not an impatient man. I remembered all the times he didn't come home until after dark, all the times I ate dinner alone. I wished they'd all died along with their parents'" This is wrote in first person which makes it seem like Amir is talking to the reader personally which makes us sympathise with him more as we feel the pain he is going through with his father not being there for him. We also get the feeling of how much Amir strives for his dad's love and affection. The last sentence rocks our view of Amir as it challenges our moral perspective on the world. We also get a sense of Amir's intense jealousy of anyone who ever receives any attention from Baba. We see that through out the whole novel Amir is trying to get Babas attention and Baba is not interested in the relationship the Amir wants. He is more interested in his carer than in Amir. ...read more.

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